World Cancer Day raises awareness for early detection and research

World Cancer Day raises awareness for early detection and research

World Cancer Day raises awareness for early detection and research

While skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are more common, melanoma is responsible for the majority of deaths from skin cancer. World Cancer Day organizers stress that healthcare professionals and lawmakers have a responsibility to improve access to healthcare, and raise awareness of symptoms.

The HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine prevents against the human papillomavirus, which is the known cause of most cases of cervical cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, people lose weight at least once when suffering from the disease. High levels of oestrogen can fuel the development of breast cancer.

Rwanda marked the day yesterday, with keen interest on intensifying the fight against cervical cancer.

More importantly, China's cancer spectrum is significantly different from that of developed countries.

Data from the National Cancer Registry showed that in 2014 cancer was the sixth main cause of death in South Africa, with close to 75 000 new cases diagnosed.

As their first proposal, the MEP said, government should consider whether there is a need to introduce population-based screening for prostate cancer.

According to Cancer Care Ontario, every year approximately 500 Ontario women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 160 women die from it. This study says that cancer kills 60% in Africa more than malaria, and that by the year 2030, 70% of deaths will result from cancers.

He said Croatia followed world trends in cancer treatment when it comes to new medication and that past year saw a significant rise in the procurement of diagnostic equipment.

In addition, modern people, especially those office workers in large cities, work under pressure, lead a busy life and suffer from physical and mental sub-health, which also, to some extent, contributes to the increasing incidence of affluence-related cancer.

It is essential to be aware of one's risk of Cancer and get screened for early detection, which helps protect you and prevent the Cancer from developing.

Under such a bleak scenario, SKMCH&RC is doing its best to treat cancer patients from not just all over Pakistan but Afghanistan also. Since 1990, approximately 6 million people in Japan have attended the screening for stomach cancer annually, and gastroscopy is a mandatory part of health check-ups for people aged 40 or above. In the wake of this, this February 4 we should conduct awareness campaigns on how to protect against cancer and ask people to get themselves checked regularly so that early stage detection are made and lives are saved.

"It is a day to highlight the effects of cancer and to ensure works that are done in curing those affected, and for everyone to come together in fighting against this universal epidemic which knows no boundaries".

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