Virginia governor vows to stay; calls mount to oust lieutenant governor

Virginia governor vows to stay; calls mount to oust lieutenant governor

Virginia governor vows to stay; calls mount to oust lieutenant governor

Democrats, including Kamala Harris, called for an investigation into the allegation, though many in the party did not call for Fairfax's resignation because Tyson did not offer corroborating accounts. They also noted she would be able to provide "at least two witnesses whom Ms. Watson told of the assault the day after Fairfax raped her".

The allegation comes shortly after he was already accused of a 2004 sexual assault, as IJR News reported.

Northam said he has had painful conversations this week with black lawmakers - who continue to call publicly for him to resign - about the issue of blackface, and why it was wrong for him to darken his face to portray Michael Jackson in a San Antonio dance contest in 1984, as he has admitted doing.

"This is very distressing for everybody in Richmond", Comstock said.

President Donald Trump has weighed in on the controversy with several tweets.

On Friday, Patrick Hope, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, told CNN that he has begun the process of drafting articles of impeachment against Fairfax and is prepared to introduce them on Monday if the lieutenant governor does not resign before then.

He has since denied he was in the picture but admits to wearing blackface at another college party.

Tim Kaine and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, have called for Fairfax to step down after a second woman came forward on Friday to accuse Fairfax of sexual assault. It is clear to me that he can no longer effectively serve the people of Virginia as Lieutenant Governor,"former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe tweeted Friday after Watson's allegation surfaced".

The player's name was not released nor was the name of the school administrator.

"It is obvious that a vicious and co-ordinated smear campaign is being orchestrated against me", he said in a statement.

Watson also confided in a friend after seeing that Fairfax was running for office.

Northam's page in his medical school yearbook showed a person in blackface and another in Ku Klux Klan robes, but he says neither person was him.

"Our American values don't just work when it's convenient - they must be applied at the most hard of times", he said. On Sunday he tweeted out: "African Americans are very angry at the double standard on full display in Virginia!"

Northam said he planned to focus on addressing issues stemming from inequality, including improving access to health care, housing, and transportation.

The developments came near the end of an astonishing week that saw all three of Virginia's top elected officials-all Democrats-embroiled in potentially career-ending scandals fraught with questions of race, sex, and power.

Northam has refused to step down, despite demands from his peers and adversaries who want him to leave his post.

The lawyers said Watson told friends of the alleged rape in emails and Facebook messages she sent in 2016 and 2017 - notes that the lawyers included as screenshots with their statement.

Fairfax was expected to succeed Northam if he had chose to step down. White Virginians are slightly more likely to call for Northam's resignation at 48-46 percent, well within the margin of error of 4.5 percent.

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