Ronan Farrow Supports Jeff Bezos' AMI, National Enquirer Blackmail Claim

Ronan Farrow Supports Jeff Bezos' AMI, National Enquirer Blackmail Claim

Ronan Farrow Supports Jeff Bezos' AMI, National Enquirer Blackmail Claim

In a statement Friday morning, AMI reiterated claims that it acted within legal boundaries in obtaining personal texts attributed to Bezos, some which the National Enquirer published last month.

He alleged that its parent company, American Media Inc., threatened to publish text messages and intimate images if Bezos did not stop his investigation into the company. Further, at the time of the recent allegations made by Mr. Bezos, it was in good faith negotiations to resolve all matters with him. That investigation so panicked Mr. Pecker over at the Enquirer that his lawyer sent a confidential letter demanding that either Bezos call off that detective - or else the Enquirer would publish private photographs of Bezos and Sanchez. He resigned from the board of a Canadian newspaper company that has also been backed by Melchiorre's hedge fund.

Howard and Fine haven't responded to email requests for comment.

The agreement with NY prosecutors required AMI to commit no further crimes for at least three years, but the company's alleged threat to Bezos could be interpreted as a breach, potentially opening it to prosecution. To back up his claim, Bezos published what he said were the full text of emails his representatives received from executives at AMI. That immunity deal would be off if there are other crimes that could be prosecuted.

A spokesman for the Southern District of NY did not respond to a request for comment on the matter.

Last month, Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, announced that they were divorcing. Hours later, the first Enquirer story on his extra-marital relationship with Sanchez posted online. According to Bezos' account, American Media was so troubled by de Becker's probe and his public comments about it - and his conclusion that the Enquirer's coverage was "politically motivated" - that it tried to shut up Bezos and de Becker.

AMI's Dylan Howard, left, sent a letter to Jeff Bezos threatening to publish nude pictures if the Washington Post published claims about the company and its owner David Pecker, right.

But Levenson said it was too hard to tell if the case amounted to blackmail or extortion without additional context and some prosecutors may be reluctant to charge someone for threatening another with embarrassing material.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has accused the National Enquirer magazine's owner of trying to blackmail him.

"These communications cement AMI's long-earned reputation for weaponizing journalistic privileges, hiding behind important protections, and ignoring the tenets and objective of true journalism", Bezos wrote in his blog post.

"I asked him (de Becker) to prioritize protecting my time since I have other things I prefer to work on and to proceed with whatever budget he needed to pursue the facts in this matter", Bezos wrote in the post.

So now everyone is waiting to see.

Bezos suggested the Enquirer's publisher may have written the story as a favor to or at the behest of President Trump. Pecker has numerous ties to Donald Trump, even paying off one of the president's mistresses in the final weeks of the 2016 campaign. But the longer the fight plays out in public, the bigger the threat that Bezos is perceived as distracted, said David Larcker, a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business who's researched the impact of CEO controversies on companies.

Meantime, The Enquirer's website doesn't say a word about this controversy.

According to the Washington Post, Sanchez has said "deep state" operatives within the United States government may have been culpable.

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