Meghan Markle’s ‘anonymous’ friend identified, according to fans

Meghan Markle’s ‘anonymous’ friend identified, according to fans

Meghan Markle’s ‘anonymous’ friend identified, according to fans

Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle during an official photocall to announce their engagement at The Sunken Gardens at Kensington Palace on November 27, 2017 in London, England. That's how she crouches down with our kids at home.

Harry and Meghan were guests of honour at the Endeavour Fund Awards honouring those who, despite life-changing injuries, accidents or illnesses, have excelled in a sporting or adventure challenge. The Duchess met volunteers who dedicate their time to Mayhew community programmes, including the trap, neuter and return programme, which controls and cares for the feral cat communities in London.

The Duchess of Sussex and her husband will tonight celebrate the achievements of wounded, injured and sick members of the Armed Forces community who have taken part in remarkable sporting and adventure challenges over the previous year. Meghan contacted her dad before the wedding to ask if there was any shred of truth and he assured Meghan that there was no truth to the reports.

He said he could not attend the wedding because he was due to undergo heart surgery amid controversy he had staged photos to improve his image. And she feels like, 'That's the opposite of what I'm saying.

Since the wedding, Markle's father has claimed that he has been ignored by his daughter and the royal family.

She said: "Anybody on the public stage, that shines a light, should be honoured and heralded".

The source also denied Mr Markle's claims he has since been "ghosted" by his daughter.

"We've all been to their cottage", the friend said.

But this isn't the only beauty product Markle has been stocking up on, during her first-time pregnancy.

After "maintaining their silence for almost two years", the five unnamed female friends attempted to "set the record straight" about the rumors swirling around the Duchess. Both are her father's children from a previous marriage.

"After the wedding, she wrote him a letter", the friend continued.

The duchess wrote on the fruit, in capital letters and often followed by a heart: "You are strong", "You are special", "You are brave" and "You are loved". I think she will always feel genuinely devastated by what he's done. I'm telling you I don't want to communicate through the media, and you're asking me to communicate through the media.

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