Iran Marks 40th Anniversary Of Islamic Revolution

Iran Marks 40th Anniversary Of Islamic Revolution

Iran Marks 40th Anniversary Of Islamic Revolution

It was 40 years ago when Iran's army declared its neutrality and paved the way for the fall of the US-backed Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, who was forced to flee to Egypt. Pahlavi lost control to the clergy and working class of the country, and was replaced by a supreme leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who established the Islamic Republic.

Rouhani also vowed Iran would defeat US sanctions, reimposed after President Donald Trump withdrew from Tehran's nuclear accord with world powers a year ago.

The three countries said in a statement that "INSTEX will support legitimate European trade with Iran, focusing initially on the sectors most essential to the Iranian population - such as pharmaceutical, medical devices and agri-food goods".

Flipping the White House's claim that the Iranian Revolution has resulted in "40 years of failure", Javad Zarif-Iran's foreign minister-declared in a tweet on Monday, "After 40 years of wrong choices, [it is] time for Donald Trump to rethink failed USA policy".

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told Iranians they should resist a "conspiracy" involving Washington.

The move was preceded by US President Donald Trump's announcement of Washington's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal in early May 2018. "Now it's up to the Iranian regime to change its behavior, & ultimately up to the Iranian people to determine the direction of their country".

On Monday, Rouhani said that Iranian people will unite to tackle problems created by powers such as the United States.

According to Western media, and was attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

"Our presence in the 40th anniversary of the revolution is to show our support for the Islamic Republic", said one sign held by a protester.

"Today we are the target of a psychological and economic war", he said, the news outlet reported.

"The United States does not have the courage to fire a single bullet at us despite all its defensive and military assets".

"Were this regime to make the awful mistake of trying to destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa, it would not succeed, but it would mean that they had celebrated their last Revolution Day".

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