How to delete a sent message in Facebook Messenger

How to delete a sent message in Facebook Messenger

How to delete a sent message in Facebook Messenger

"You´re not the only one! Starting today, we are launching a feature where you can easily remove your message on Messenger-whether it's to one person or a group".

Facebook's messaging tools are used as a B2B communication platform between vendors and consumers with 150m people using Instagram to talk with businesses and 10bn messages sent between consumers and businesses every month on Facebook Messenger. You'll get the normal reaction emoji just above message, as well as some options down below: Copy, Remove, and Forward. Facebook reportedly said it would not have Zuckerberg delete messages he sent until the feature was publicly launched.

Recipients will receive a text alert telling them that something was deleted from the chat, and recipients can still see and read the messages you've "unsent" via that notification.

Now the platform's more than 1 billion users can retract hastily sent messages, including typos or embarrassing content.

So how exactly do you access this last-chance redemption option?

TechCrunch reported that Mark Zuckerberg's messages disappeared from chats while the other party's messages remained, causing a stir.

Facebook Messenger will also let you remove messages for yourself. But ten minutes should at least be enough to save you from future embarrassment, if you're able to mash that delete button fast enough. Prior to that, Facebook was allegedly spotted doing the same with its Facebook Research VPN app but the social media giant refutes to claims that it spied on its users. The Facebook Messenger feature was first unveiled back in 2018, for a bunch of countries. You only have a 10 minute window to complete both actions. "Now the company is adjusting its bonus calculations to better reflect its updated goals", said a Fortune report. On Messenger's web app, you can remove messages by hovering over the button with three dots alongside your chat bubbles, and clicking on the "Remove" button to clear them.

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