Alliance of American Football debuts with strong ratings

Alliance of American Football debuts with strong ratings

Alliance of American Football debuts with strong ratings

While the first round of AAF games were all kinds of fun, we have yet to see an overtime period.

According to TVByTheNumbers, almost 3.2 million people watched the pregame and 2.91 million stuck with the broadcast for the actual action between the Orlando Apollos vs. Atlanta Legends and the San Antonio Commanders vs. San Diego Fleet.

While the first three AAF football games were televised on CBS, this game will exclusively air on the NFL Network cable TV channel.

With time now even more against them, expect to see some QBs panicking at the line of scrimmage, and possibly a few delay of game penalties here and there. The first game of the season will be on February 9, 2019, at 8 pm EST kicking off the Orlando Apollos versus the Atlanta Legends. In several interviews, executives from the newly formed league shared a similar message - that the league is created to give a second opportunity or act as a breeding ground for future NFL talent, and it shows in the makeup of the rosters for these teams. There are a plethora of camera angles in the broadcast, frequent instant relays, coherent commentary, and an overall all feel of an National Football League game.

The Apollos' head coach Steve Spurrier is no stranger to the state of Florida. "I think we had a pretty good crowd, 20,000 wasn't bad". If the games aren't interesting, if they aren't presented in an intriguing and engaging way, and if they don't produce highlights that make those who didn't watch the games feel like they missed out on something, nothing I can say will allow any alternative pro football league to ever make it. "Time will tell if we're any good".

But it's a clear victory for the new league. Just seconds after the broadcast team returned their focus to the game, an errant Logan Woodside pass fell into Brooks' hands.

After the way that the AAF got started on Saturday, there is real hype about the new football league taking the world by storm. CBS Sports Network will televise one game a week, the NFL Network will show 19 games, and TNT and B-R Live will also carry broadcasts of the action throughout the season.

Rain sent some early arrivals scurrying for cover in concession areas beneath the stands and intermittent showers fell most of the night, contributing to some slipping and sliding and occasional sloppy play.

But you have to start somewhere, and the start for the AAF is a clear win.

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