Trump Teases 'The Wall Is Coming' in Game of Thrones Instagram Meme

Trump Teases 'The Wall Is Coming' in Game of Thrones Instagram Meme

Trump Teases 'The Wall Is Coming' in Game of Thrones Instagram Meme

This comes as a partial USA government shutdown is crawling into its third week, as Congress failed to pass a proposed spending bill that had included the $5 billion that Donald Trump had requested for the construction of a wall on the country's southern border - one of his most controversial and widely-debated campaign promises.

The meme mimicked the popular TV show "Game of Thrones", which features the tagline "Winter is coming".

On Nov. 2, Trump debuted the Game of Thrones-style poster on his Twitter account.

Trump has alluded to the show once before, to tell Iran that "Sanctions are coming" back in November.

This came one day after the president brought a similar poster version of a "Sanctions are coming" meme he posted two months ago into a Cabinet meeting. Obviously, Trump doesn't watch the show. He has only ever used the Stark words as the source material, though he did once threaten North Korea with "fire and fury" shortly after HBO aired an episode in which one of the characters does just that, riding on a dragon.

The giant poster was first seen on Mr Trump's Twitter account on November 2, as the Trump administration prepared to announce new sanctions from the "Westeros Wing" on Iran, completing the removal of the USA from the 2015 nuclear deal. Donald Trump, however, had earlier vowed to veto any bill that would not include the funding he requested, and the Republicans continue to control the US Senate.

After an introduction from press secretary Sarah Sanders, a contingent of Border Patrol guards entered the White House briefing room followed by Trump himself, who for the first time of his presidency took the lecturn in front of the press corps he so often denounces.

Like the Night's Watch struggling to find distinguished soldiers to man the wall, the US agency tasked with border security is struggling to attract qualified applicants.

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