Text message to inform Saudi women of divorce

Text message to inform Saudi women of divorce

Text message to inform Saudi women of divorce

The moves are aimed at ending cases of men divorcing women without telling them.

The new initiative stipulates that the courts will notify the women immediately via text message to their phone numbers registered through the Absher system when a divorce decree is issued by a court.

Under the ministerial decisions, the courts will also inform women that their status has been changed to married following their marriage contracts.

This new regulation ensures that all Saudi women get their full rights when they're divorced. "It also ensures that all does not need to be granted before the divorce, powers of attorney, miss".

Many women in the kingdom had filed appeals to courts over being divorced without their knowledge, another lawyer Samia al-Hindi told local newspaper Okaz.

According to lawyer Nisreen al-Ghamdi, some men now register divorce deeds at the courts without telling their wives. "It is a tiny step, but it is a step in the right direction". This often led to a practice of "secret divorce" whereby men would divorce their wives but remain living with them cause their now ex-wives to miss out on alimony payments.

Pleading her case on Twitter, the woman - who wanted to seek asylum in Australia - said she was trying to flee her family, who subjected her to physical and psychological abuse.

"The male guardianship system is a core issue and it must be dismantled".

Furthermore, Bin Salman is pushing to achieve greater female participation in the workforce through a number of strategies, the Financial Times reported.

Young women wearing the traditional abaya walk past a sign as they help to organize an outdoor educational driving event for women on June 21, 2018 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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