Faulty wiring likely cause of ‘Escape Room’ fire in Poland, firefighters say

Faulty wiring likely cause of ‘Escape Room’ fire in Poland, firefighters say

Faulty wiring likely cause of ‘Escape Room’ fire in Poland, firefighters say

The 28-year-old suspect was charged with "deliberately creating the danger of a fire in the escape room" and "unintentionally causing the death of people in a fire", a spokesman for the district prosecutor said.

The 15-year-olds had been celebrating a birthday when they died on Friday, locked inside a room.

"Preliminary findings suggest that the fire was caused by an unsealed gas container inside a heater", Gasiorowski said.

Highly popular with teenagers across Poland, the Escape Room game sees players locked inside a room or building and forced to find clues to help them get out.

Autopsies showed the girls died of carbon monoxide asphyxiation, prosecutors said, a technical term for smoke inhalation.

Five teenagers were locked in the room and were killed by the fire.

In the United Kingdom alone, the number of escape rooms has soared from just seven in 2013 to more than 1,000 as of previous year.

During a memorial Mass at Koszalin Cathedral, Bishop Edward Dajczak identified the girls by their first names as Julia, Amelia, Gosia, Karolina and Wiktoria.

"The victims of this tragedy are 15-year-old children, girls celebrating a birthday", Interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski told broadcaster TVN24.

Polish officials have shut down 13 escape room sites over safety issues after five teenage girls were killed in a fire.

He wrote: 'A devastating tragedy in Koszalin.

Earlier, national fire chief Leszek Suski said Saturday that electrical wiring at the lo cation was makeshift and too close to flammable materials.

Since the deaths of the children, there has been a public memorial held at Koszalin Cathedral and in front of the residence where the escape room was held.

Brudzinski ordered fire safety controls to be installed at all "Escape Room" locations in Poland.

Hundreds of people gathered yesterday to burn candles in their memory, and a formal "day of mourning" will take place in Koszalin today.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has sent condolences to the victims' families.

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