Donald Trump meeting congressional leaders as US Government shutdown continues

Donald Trump meeting congressional leaders as US Government shutdown continues

Donald Trump meeting congressional leaders as US Government shutdown continues

President Donald Trump said Wednesday the partial government shutdown will last "as long as it takes" as closures entered a 12th day over his demands for billions of dollars from Congress to build a border wall with Mexico. But they have drawn the line at the use of any taxpayer money for the erection of a new wall.

"No, no. Nothing for the wall", Pelosi replied.

A meeting Wednesday afternoon between White House officials and congressional leaders has wrapped up with no progress made on border security funding or reopening the federal government.

The president pointed to countries like Israel where he says walls are essential to protecting their borders as examples of why the US needs one.

Trump himself seemed to shrug off any urgency to bring a close to the shutdown, which has kept hundreds of thousands of federal workers at home, shut down some services and left national parks in disarray.

Democrats said they asked Trump directly during Wednesday's private meeting held in the Situation Room why he wouldn't consider their package of bills. The other would provide temporary funding for Homeland Security, through February 8, allowing talks to continue over border security. She's persevered. You gotta give her credit - no matter what you think of her - you have to give her credit because - think about it - think about all those presidents she's endured, right? "He could not give a good answer".

By passing this bill in the Senate but blocking it in the House on Trump's order, Republicans boxed themselves in.

Trump warns US govt shutdown could last 'a long time'
Trump claims Mexico is paying for wall, demands taxpayer money...

He was speaking a day before Democrats take over control of the House of Representatives and showed no signs of backing down over the $5.6bn he wants for the "beautiful" border wall with Mexico.

"She'll cut your head off and you won't even know you're bleeding", Pelosi said about her mother. Trump could actually make this worse by offering something like a DACA deal and daring Democrats to reject it.

Trump and Republicans have been eager to widen those divisions, especially as the shutdown stretches into its second week. Instead, Trump repeatedly pushed for the $5.6 billion he has demanded.

Other members of the administration chimed in during the Cabinet meeting, with praise for Trump's stance.

The commander in chief also lamented spending Christmas alone in the White House while his family celebrated the holidays at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. "Whether you hate the president or love the president, border security goes hand in hand with national security, the safety of our communities and public safety". He also criticized Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, for visiting Hawaii. Vice President Mike Pence said "I want to thank you for the strong stand you have taken on border security", adding the administration "is ready to deal, we have an offer on the table".

During the campaign, he promised a "great, great" wall made of reinforced concrete that would rise 30 feet or more and extend so far underground that it would be impossible to tunnel underneath. They said Senate Republicans would be "complicit with President Trump" in continuing the shutdown if they choose not to move forward with the House Democratic plan. We're giving him a Republican path to do that. "So, we would hope that they would reconsider and would support the very bills that passed the Senate". Senate Republicans are reluctant to consider the House bills unless they know the president is on board. "It will be based on actions taken by the Republican Senate ... led by Senator Mitch McConnell". At the same time, administration officials said Trump was in no rush for a resolution to the impasse.

So far, House Democrats appear largely unified in their plan to vote to reopen government without the money Trump is demanding to build the border wall.

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