Aunt: Jayme Closs escaped, found woman walking dog

Aunt: Jayme Closs escaped, found woman walking dog

Aunt: Jayme Closs escaped, found woman walking dog

Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said a suspect had been taken into custody in a Facebook post Thursday.

Minutes later police arrested the man she identified as her captor, Jake Thomas Patterson, and have charged him with abducting Closs and fatally shooting her parents.

"This is Jayme Closs!". She says she and her husband once caught them siphoning gas.

The Star Tribune newspaper in Minneapolis reported on its website that a neighbour walking a dog knocked on the door of Kristin and Peter Kasinskas's home east of Gordon. She was found in Gordon, 66 miles from her home.

She said she did not know where she was or anything about Gordon, and Peter Kasinkas said she was quiet and her emotions were "pretty flat".

Fitzgerald alleged the suspect "took many proactive steps to hide his identity from law enforcement and the public".

Investigators say a mysterious 911 call led deputies to discover the bodies. Only then did the girl reveal her name.

"She said to us that, 'This person killed my parents and took me, '" Kasinskas told CNN's Poppy Harlow.

Police pulled his auto over on Thursday after Closs gave authorities a description of her captor's vehicle.

Smart says "whatever other details may surface, the most important will still remain that she is alive". He said that he did not know if Jayme had been physically abused but that she was hospitalized overnight for observation and cleared and released after a checkup. "She just yelled, 'Please help me!" She was rescued nine months later with the help of two witnesses who recognized her abductors from an "America's Most Wanted" episode.

Barron residents others celebrate safe return of Jayme Closs
BREAKING NEWS: Jayme Closs Found Alive in Douglas Co.

Patterson lived just three doors down from Kasinskas, but Kasinskas said she didn't realize it until police identified him as the suspect. She was not aware of where in Wisconsin she was when she was found.

The woman who first spotted Jayme on Thursday, Jeanne Nutter, said she was walking her dog along a rural road when a disheveled teenage girl called out to her for help and quickly grabbed her.

Jayme went missing on October 15, the day her parents, James Closs, 56, and Denise Closs, 46, were found shot to death at the family's home near Barron, Wis., a town about 75 miles northeast of Minneapolis.

Elizabeth Smart says it is a "miracle" that a 13-year-old Wisconsin girl missing for almost three months has been found safe.

Sue Allard, Jayme's aunt, told the Star Tribune that she could barely express her joy after learning the news on Thursday night.

Property records show the cabin's title passed from Patterson's father to a credit union in October, eight days after Jayme's disappearance.

The sheriff's office said Closs was found alive Thursday afternoon in Gordon, a northwest Wisconsin town about 65 miles north of where she went missing from her home in Barron.

Jayme told the couple she didn't know where she was or anything about Gordon, a town of about 644 people in a heavily forested region where logging in the top industry. Jayme had not been seen since her parents were murdered there on October 15. The Barron County Sheriff's Department has scheduled a news conference Friday morning. Jayme was taken to a hospital for an evaluation.

Closs disappeared after police received a 911 call from a cellphone inside her home where James Closs, 56, and Denise Closs, 46, were found shot dead.

The notification that Jayme had been found came just four hours after Fitzgerald had taken to Twitter to debunk a report that she had been found alive near Walworth County.

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