YouTuber rigs glitter and fart-spray bomb to catch porch pirates

YouTuber rigs glitter and fart-spray bomb to catch porch pirates

YouTuber rigs glitter and fart-spray bomb to catch porch pirates

Why?: Rober, who has gone viral on YouTube before, said he caught thieves on his home security camera but the police said they couldn't investigate the case, BBC News reports.

Rober also emphasized the "glitter bomb" was not for sale, but merely a project "to get people pumped about science and engineering and education", like the others on his YouTube channel.

Everytime the thief opened the package they were sprayed with glitter and swiftly abandoned the contraption.

Ah, glitter. As South Park's Eric Cartman once said, it's the herpes of the craft world.

The video was posted Monday - it already has more than 8 million views. After having a couple of packages stolen and being met with an unsympathetic police department, he made a decision to take things into his own hands.

As a tribute to Kevin McCallister, the "Home Alone" prankster played by Macaulay Culkin, Rober put postage stickers on the package that were addressed to Harry and Marv, the movie's slapstick crooks. Rober's device purportedly captures video of what appears to be bungling bandits spewing obscenities as their package-stealing plots are thwarted by clouds of glitter and stench.

Watch Rober's creation in action in the full video below.

'Not only is it not cool, but on the plus side, you'll never find yourself in this situation'.

As many as 30 percent of people in the USA say they've had delivery items stolen or gone missing, according to a survey by Xfinity Home, a Comcast home security service, reported CNBC. However, authorities have been slow to respond and the Federal Bureau of Investigation now keeps no national statistics on the issue.

Mark Rober already served the citizens of planet Earth by helping build the Curiosity rover now roaming Mars. He spent seven of those years working on the Mars Curiosity Rover.

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