XFL Unveils Eight Cities, Venues for Teams to Launch in February 2020

XFL Unveils Eight Cities, Venues for Teams to Launch in February 2020

XFL Unveils Eight Cities, Venues for Teams to Launch in February 2020

The team will play its home games at Audi Field, D.C. United's new stadium near Nationals Park.

The league is planned to kick off February 8, 2020, after the Super Bowl.

While there is still a lot for the XFL to get together before 2020 - team names, coaches, players - some new information on the upcoming season were revealed.

So will this new XFL succeed?

Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle and Tampa Bay will also be involved, as too will St. Louis, which was home to the Rams in the National Football League between 1995 and 2016.

XFL announces eight teams, cities and stadiums for its return in 2020
XFL Officially Announces Franchise Cities & Venues

On Wednesday, a press conference was held at MetLife Stadium, and some big announcements were made regarding which cities will be hosting teams, and which stadiums they will be playing at. It featured Erik Moses, senior vice president and managing director of Events DC, speaking on behalf of the District.

Seven of the eight franchises announced on Wednesday will be located in cities that already have National Football League teams and in some cases will be playing out of the same stadiums. (The XFL season will run during the National Football League offseason).

While McMahon's personal remarks lasted only three minutes, he pitched the original XFL as a concept ahead of its time that will better fit in the modern age.

Luck said the "football reimagined" committee was formed with various professionals to figure out how to tweak the game to make it familiar and distinctive at the same time. "We plan to invite those players to try out for the XFL". Player salaries will be "very competitive", and rosters will be drawn from all available players, including those who have been cut from National Football League teams, Luck said.

McMahon previously announced the teams will play a 10-game season, with a four-team playoff. McMahon is building the XFL with the same commitment and resolve that he has demonstrated building WWE into a global media and sports entertainment powerhouse.

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