Why Michael Cohen Lied to Congress

Why Michael Cohen Lied to Congress

Why Michael Cohen Lied to Congress

Cohen also said he falsely told Congress he never took any steps toward traveling to Russian Federation when in fact he had discussed going there, although he never went.

Trump has gone from insisting that he had "nothing to do with Russia" to justifying his business efforts there. They concern some of the central questions of the investigation, including why the incoming Trump administration discouraged Russian Federation from retaliating over sanctions imposed for election hacking; who knew what when about illegally obtained Democratic emails; and how plans for a Trump Tower in Moscow came together and fell apart. Meanwhile, it was waging a campaign of "active measures" against the US and the West aimed at corroding faith in democracy and, ultimately, helping Trump become president.

Trump Jr. told the Senate Judiciary Committee in September 2017 that he was only "peripherally aware" about negotiations that Cohen has admitted to carrying on through June 2016.

Sater and Cohen continued to email about the foundering project well into June 2016, soon after a much-scrutinized meeting at Trump Tower in NY between Trump's son Don Jr., son-in-law Jared Kushner, campaign chairman Paul Manafort and several Russian attendees, purportedly to discuss the possibility of "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.

On Monday Mueller accused former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort of violating a cooperation deal by lying to investigators.

In August, Cohen, 52, pleaded guilty in federal court in New York City to five counts of tax fraud, one count of making false statements to a bank and two campaign-finance violations related to payments made to two women who said they had affairs with Trump.

Cohen says he continued pursuing the Moscow deal through June 2016.

"There would be nothing wrong if I did do it", Trump said of pursuing the project.

- Cohen, who was Trump's personal lawyer and a senior executive in the president's real estate business, the Trump Organization, admitted to having lied to Congress about trying to negotiate a deal for a Trump Tower in Moscow well into the middle of 2016, even when Trump had wrapped up the Republican nomination for president.

Prosecutors simply said earlier this week that Manafort "breached" his agreement by lying "on a variety of subject matters".

Fearful of more deceptions, the president's legal team has insisted that Trump answer questions only in writing.

What does that mean? .

The nine-page charging document for Cohen traces the behind-the-scenes communication about the project that had been discussed more than 20 years ago.

"That determination has not been made", prosecutor Andrew Weissmann said.

After Cohen's plea, Trump cancelled his planned meeting with Putin at the G20, citing the Ukraine crisis. It is not Cohen's first guilty plea. What the lies were about remains a mystery, but it could underscore what most observers believe: that Mueller has far more evidence than his targets know. Corsi belongs to a subcast of characters in the Russian Federation melodrama centered on Stone, an adviser to Trump and his campaign who did not actually serve it in a formal role.

All of this raises questions about exactly what contacts Manafort, Stone, Corsi or others may have had with WikiLeaks prior to the release of hacked emails; what they may have told Trump about it; and whether the campaign gave any advice on the timing of the release. They say they did not have any inside line to what Assange had in store. "He took these steps, moreover, despite regular public reports referring to the President's consideration of pardons and pre-pardons in the SCO's investigation". And he has been ramping up his attacks on Mueller's investigation. When Manafort was convicted in Virginia in August, Trump said he was a "good man" and that he felt badly for him.

The president's official nickname was revealed during a court filing against his ex-fixer Michael Cohen yesterday, and sparked fresh speculation about what information Mueller may be withholding on Trump.

KELLY: One sign of what is on the president's mind is of course what he's tweeting.

"Michael participated in seven voluntary interview meetings with the Special Counsel's Office of the Department of Justice", they also wrote.

Without a more complete picture about the puzzle Mueller is trying to assemble, it's hard to assess how much longer it might take him to finish building it.

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