PUBG Mobile gets snow theme, Vikendi update imminent

PUBG Mobile gets snow theme, Vikendi update imminent

PUBG Mobile gets snow theme, Vikendi update imminent

On Android, the update is about 1.6 GB!

PUBG Mobile's iPad Pro version gets graphics quality fix, supports Vikendi snow map, which is releasing on December 20 and is playable from 5:30am on December 21. The fourth map coming to handsets this time is Vikendi. The Vikendi Map is 6km by 6km in size, which makes it smaller than Erangel and Miramar but larger than Sanhok. You'll find the new snow mobile and snow bike on Vikendi as well. It seems that the map will still take one more day to roll out in India. The map is titled Vikendi and is set in snowy mountains.

Also live now is the Vikendi: Survivor Pass. Playing PUBG and completing certain milestones outlined in the pass will net you exclusive skins and rewards. Arriving hours before Vikendi guarantees that everybody has enough time to get these significant changes and additionally download Vikendi when it's accessible.

Vikendi snow map yet to arrive on PUBG Mobile India know why
PUBG Mobile’s Vikendi winter map is coming this month

The games new patch notes are not yet available for this latest update, but unofficially, they might have already been revealed. While most PC gamers will be familiar with the controls, if you've never played a shooting game on your PC before, I would strongly advise you to go through the controls and memorize them as well as you can. Thus, the best PUBG Mobile team in Malaysia will be appointed with the champions taking home the lion's share of the MYR 60,000 total prize pool. Vikendi map is the new snow 6x6 map along with an exclusive snowmobile vehicle. Do note that if you log in with the same credentials that you used on your phone, all your PUBG Mobile account data will be carried forward to the emulator and the stats will remain synced up no matter which platform you play the game on.

The update also adds cross-server matchmaking, a firearms finish upgrade system, and season spending rewards. The downtime was caused due to an update of a new version of the game.

While most of the exciting features for PUBG Mobile update 0.10 are still a few days out, it's a smart idea for the game's developers at Tencent to deploy the files early so servers don't crash on Wednesday night. A hotfix for PUBG Mobile was released just before Vikendi was available for download.

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