‘Not Appropriate’: NASA Chides Elon Musk Over Public Pot Smoking

‘Not Appropriate’: NASA Chides Elon Musk Over Public Pot Smoking

‘Not Appropriate’: NASA Chides Elon Musk Over Public Pot Smoking

One of the nine companies will be tasked with delivering science and technology payloads to the surface of the Moon for NASA.

NASA has selected nine companies that will be allowed to compete for a share of up to $2.6 billion over the next 10 years to build and launch instruments, experiments and small robotic payloads to the moon.

That's when NASA plans to give an update about a program that aims to land privately developed spacecraft on the moon.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced Thursday that Draper and eight other USA companies, ranging from tiny startups to defense giant Lockheed Martin, will compete for $2.6 billion in NASA contracts.

In October, Blue Origin said it's "in the conceptual design phase" of building a large lunar lander called The company is also creating a, which might take flight in 2020.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine himself ordered the upcoming safety review of SpaceX and Boeing, which was reportedly prompted by Elon Musk's behavior on comedian Joe Rogan's podcast this past September, according to The Atlantic. NASA will consider competitive bids based on technical innovation, feasibility, price, and schedule, for missions as early as next year. "This is also the first step toward the Moon in relation to Space Policy Directive-1". This includes encouraging private investment where possible and shifting sights to lunar science, including the Gateway Lunar Orbital Platform and a human return to the Moon in the short term.

In the framework of CLPS, the Agency will award multiple contracts for the lunar mission within the next 10 years. " Lessons learned during these flights will be used in the future crewed missions to Mars". The new space station would orbit the moon.

"From there we want reusable landers that go back and forth to the surface of the moon".

"Today's announcement marks tangible progress in America's return to the Moon's surface to stay", said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine in a statement published on November 29.

He said the organization was struggling with financial burdens but there was a clear five-year plan that would lead to a new age of space technology.

Moon Express, Inc.is a privately funded USA commercial space company founded in 2010 with the goal of providing low cost, frequent access to the Moon for science, exploration and commerce while seeking new resources to benefit Earth. Go back to the moon, we're going to Mars, we're going further than the solar system.

The announcement comes just three days after NASA landed its InSight spacecraft on Mars.

By 2023, the first rocket would carry astronauts around the Moon, in an even more distant orbit than the Apollo missions. SpaceX has been a hugely valuable partner for NASA, but launching unmanned cargo ships into space is one thing.

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