IPad Pro arrives BENT? Yeah, don't worry about it says Apple

IPad Pro arrives BENT? Yeah, don't worry about it says Apple

IPad Pro arrives BENT? Yeah, don't worry about it says Apple

This frustrated numerous users, especially those who did not get the Apple Care and can't exchange the already bent iPad Pro for a new one. The bend can be found in both sizes of new iPad Pro.

The company said it's due to the 2018 iPad Pro's manufacturing process and that it's not a defect.

If you decide to buy an iPad Pro, it may come with a slight bend in the metal casing, whether you like it or not.

The Verge writes, "According to the company, this is a side effect of the device's manufacturing process and shouldn't worsen over time or negatively affect the flagship iPad's performance in any practical way". Apple would not consider as Defect. We've seen iPads and iPad Pros pop up here and there with chunks of their retail price slashed away, and now there are two 2019 iPads available with $100 off. The latest development of durability problems afflicting the iPad Pro comes when some units were reported bent. What's interesting here is that the company, although knowing about it, claims it to be a part of the design.

As of this time, there are no reports of performance issues caused by the bending, nor are there any complaints about further physical degradation or damage as a result of the bending. It was responsive but only with the iPhone 6s: thanks to a much more robust housing made it significantly harder to bend. If it really is normal, Apple seems to be suggesting it is not normal for customers to expect a flawless device - even if they paid more than $800 for it.

It isn't clear if Apple's going to reverse course and offer free refunds for anyone who owns an iPad with a bend. Apple is just trying to avoid another bendgate. The Apple iPad 9.7-inch is controlled by the organization's A10 Fusion chip, clubbed with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of capacity.

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