Instagram Tried Horizontal Scrolling And People Weren't Having It

Instagram Tried Horizontal Scrolling And People Weren't Having It

Instagram Tried Horizontal Scrolling And People Weren't Having It

First rolled out on Thursday, December 27, Instagram were testing a horizontal image feed instead of a vertical one on the app's home screen.

For a while now, users of the app have been getting increasingly annoyed at the algorithm's refusal to show a chronological feed and now, Instagram have gone and made even more of a drastic change.

The hashtag "instagramupdate" quickly became the top trending topic in the users were annoyed with new feature which makes it more complicated to scroll through posts, including advertisements, CNBC reported. "We quickly fixed the issue and the feed is back to normal. We apologize for any confusion", a Facebook spokesperson told The Verge. It also introduced a tap gesture that allowed users to scroll through their content with a single tap, similar to how Instagram Stories work.

While this update could prove to be beneficial for businesses using Instagram marketing to spotlight ads, there are downfalls to match - including less exposure in feeds and decreased engagement (beyond the newest Instagram algorithm update).

Some Internet users have found the bright side to the Instagram update debacle, however.

On the iPhone double tap the home button or swipe up if you don't have a home button.

Adam Mosseri, Instagram's head of products, said on Twitter that the update was supposed to be a small-scale test. The update was pushed out globally without having to physically update the app through the app stores. According to another tweet by Mosseri, "If you're still seeing it you can simply restart your app and you should be good to go".

Rather than scrolling through the photos of those you follow, you must either click through or swipe right.

Unfortunately thousands users were not happy with the drastic change and immediately began voicing their disapproval on Twitter.

After receiving online backlash from Instagram users on Twitter, the design change was reversed by Instagram developers.

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