Epic Games to Launch its Own Digital Store This Month

Epic Games to Launch its Own Digital Store This Month

Epic Games to Launch its Own Digital Store This Month

Season 7 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is generating a massive amount of hype across the community. This is all set to take place sometime in 2019, but the big news is that developers will get to keep 88% of the revenue.

That's because the update will not only be adding all the new Season 7 content, but also the new Fortnite Creative mode announced on Wednesday. In a week - starting next Thursday, December 13th - everyone can play around with the new mode for free. Considering Fortnite is probably the most successful PC game to avoid Valve's store, Epic would probably know better than anyone what kind of grievances would make developers turn away from it.

The mode itself expands seems to expand on Fortnite's limited time Playground mode, although Creative has a far more robust set of tools for players to craft their own islands and host private matches. Everything will be saved on a private version of the battle royale mode's island, which should allow players to experiment with pretty much anything they want to without affecting the game's existing play modes.

The leak - which came via Fortnite-favouring YouTuber Lachlan - states that Creative mode will be launched the day of The Game Awards - or the day after, depending on where you are in the world.

Another "do" asks you "use official Fortnite names for all weapons, Outfits, Points of Interest, and items". This is typically in exchange for a 5 percent share in the game's royalties, but for an Unreal game's sales on the Epic store, Epic has promised to cover that royalty out of its 12 percent share.

The concept of this store is similar to Valve's Steam and EA's Origin - the Epic Games Store will feature a list of curated titles from different developers. You'll also be able to reach your players through email, if they choose to share it.

For PC Games, steam is one of the largest stores now available.

Details are still fairly slim, but we'll find out more very soon.

New Creative Mode coming to Season 7! In the freeform creators suite, players can design their own maps and modes using buildings, tilesets and other props.

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