DimensionalMechanics, Inc. Launches NeoPulse Framework on Amazon SageMaker

DimensionalMechanics, Inc. Launches NeoPulse Framework on Amazon SageMaker

DimensionalMechanics, Inc. Launches NeoPulse Framework on Amazon SageMaker

Amazon has unveiled a wide range of new machine learning services for AWS.

"Today's security teams are not only tasked with preventing security breaches and responding to potential threats, but they also need to be aware of the latest rules and regulations that allow their organizations to operate effectively and be in compliance", said Dan Plastina, Vice President, Security and Services, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

The designers of DeepRacer have equipped the autonomous vehicle with an artificial intelligence (AI) technique called reinforcement learning, which was inspired by how animals learn from responses to their behavior. More specifically it utilises the cloud computing firm's reinforcement learning models in a real-world environment as opposed to a virtual one.

For customers who want to use the same VMware control plane and APIs they've been using to run their infrastructure, they can run VMware Cloud on AWS locally on AWS Outposts.

Other new offerings are additions to Amazon SageMaker, an AWS managed service that handles machine learning workflows. "For instance, earlier this year, we showed a robot that was able to play beer pong using some of these techniques and we're excited to continue to explore these opportunities in partnership collaboration with AWS", Porter added. But the new offering won't have broad appeal. The company said that the technique could be used in industrial scenarios, such as optimizing wind turbine operations under changing weather or power demands, or prioritizing the arrivals of container ships at seaports.

CEO Andy Jassy said his company has spent a decent amount of time understanding why customers want blockchain rather than just a database, denying during his AWS re:Invent keynote that AWS was avoiding heading down the distributed ledger path. I think that some people think we are overinvesting in this area, but I don't think so.

"Just in the a year ago, we have released 200 significant services and features in machine learning and AI, and that is just because we know there is a real thirst and hunger from builders to be able to do it more easily".

"Reinforcement Learning is one of the technologies that are used to make self-driving cars a reality; the AWS DeepRacer is the flawless vehicle (so to speak) for you to go hands-on and learn all about it".

"With so much data that we can collect, we can use it to predict results in a race, [such as] whether or not a racer could overtake others", said Brawn. In third is Chinese internet giant Alibaba, which has 4.6 percent of the market share.

Shifting back to the DeepRacer, it's up for pre-order on Amazon right now for $249 (~R3 403) at a discounted rate, before selling for $300 (~R4 100).

Jassy knows what Machine Learning can do when it comes to big and small enterprises and, most importantly, to the differently-abled via enhanced computer vision, brain signal processing, speech recognition systems, voice-based features and other related tools.

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