CenturyLink outage that affected Arizona customers continues Friday

CenturyLink outage that affected Arizona customers continues Friday

CenturyLink outage that affected Arizona customers continues Friday

According to the company, the outage began early on Thursday and has impacted states from NY to California.

"The CenturyLink service outage is ... completely unacceptable, and its breadth and duration are particularly troubling", said Pai in a statement.

But Friday, CenturyLink customers in Washington state and MA noted that the outages led to sporadic outages for 911 calls.

An outage at CenturyLink has affected 911 calling capability in various towns across Massachusetts, according to a statement from the Massachusetts State Police.

According to CenturyLink's latest Twitter update, the company has restored some services across the network in the past few hours, and is still working to resolve remaining issues.

It was not immediately known how many emergency calls did not go through.

The Federal Communication Commission announced Friday afternoon it had launched an investigation into the outages. However, this technical issue was different from others because CenturyLink is one of the main providers of internet and telephony connections to numerous US' 911 emergency call centers. ISP CenturyLink's network recently went down in certain parts of the USA (including Washington, Idaho, and Missouri) knocking out each location's 911 services in the process.

The Idaho Statesman reports that the internet problems led to the temporary shutdown of phone services at the Idaho Department of Correction and the state's Department of Education.

Verizon customers in New Mexico and Montana also were affected, the Associated Press reported. Patient records have been hard to access for medical centres in north Colorado and for other locations that haven't been confirmed.

Colorado: The nationwide outages led to dropped 911 calls in northern Colorado as well, according to The Greeley Tribune.

The company said Thursday night the problem involved a "network element" that was affecting services but didn't provide details.

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