Whoops! Mike Pence's Hollywood Slam Backfires In 'The Hollywood Of The South'

Whoops! Mike Pence's Hollywood Slam Backfires In 'The Hollywood Of The South'

Whoops! Mike Pence's Hollywood Slam Backfires In 'The Hollywood Of The South'

"I'd like to remind Stacey and Oprah and Will Ferrell, I'm kind of a big deal, too", the Vice President told supporters of Brian Kemp, Abrams' Republican opponent who stands accused of massive voter suppression in his current role of Secretary of State.

The Republican candidate for governor in Georgia, Brian Kemp, has faced scrutiny for declining to step down from his roll as secretary of state, which oversees the state's elections.

At a separate appearance with Kemp Thursday morning, Pence mocked Abrams for receiving support from Winfrey and actor Will Ferrell on the campaign trail, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. There have been reports of problems with Georgia's voting machines and the NAACP filed complaints with the state's Board of Elections after people alleged their votes for Abrams switched to a vote for Kemp, USA Today reported.

On "Outnumbered", Washington Post editor and Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt said Winfrey is an "entity unto herself", and her endorsement may carry some weight, but he believes Hollywood elites won't swing races for Democrats in next week's midterm elections. During a debate with Abrams, Kemp said that he would not recuse himself in other election-related issues either, such as if the race were close enough to trigger a recount.

Winfrey praised her as a "change-maker" who represents the values of all Georgians. The state has not elected a Democrat governor since 1998.

Civil rights groups celebrated the ruling on naturalized citizens as a major victory.

A district judge granted a temporary restraining order, blocking election officials from rejecting absentee ballots based on the signature issue without giving voters a chance to contest the decision.

"Well, I think they would want them to vote, but not certainly not vote based on one's identity", Aubrey Shines said in a video message.

On Sunday, President Trump will also be in Georgia campaigning for Kemp. Friday night, former President Barack Obama came to town to join Stacey Abrams at Morehouse College.

The ruling by Eleanor Ross, the US district judge for the northern district of Georgia, affects more than 3,000 people whose voter registrations were put on hold over possible citizenship issues.

But a number of voting rights and ethics watchdog groups are concerned that, with the variety of issues voters are experiencing, those services aren't enough.

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