White House reveals 2018 Christmas decorations

White House reveals 2018 Christmas decorations

White House reveals 2018 Christmas decorations

The White House revealed its 2018 Christmas decorations on Monday and for a second year in a row, people either love them or meme them.

This year's theme is a little warmer than last year's "dead branches and barren landscape" look that had Twitter users comparing it to "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "The Shining". The White House Christmas tree must be between 18 and 19 feet tall.

The Blue Room tree - which is decorated this year with blue velvet ribbon embroidered in gold with the name of each US state and territory - is the centerpiece of the White House's holiday decorations, but it's hardly the only tree in the presidential residence.

Down the East colonnade, more than 40 topiary trees line the way through to the East Garden Room.

"American Treasures" is the theme of this year's White House holiday decor, designed by first lady Melania Trump, who tweeted a video showing her walking amid the display. For the first time in half a century, the creepiest thing about the East Wing wasn't the gauzy, eerie portrait of Jackie Kennedy. Decorated by Gold Star families, this tree honors all our troops and families who have sacrificed greatly to protect our freedoms. The first lady's office stated that this is where the annual White House gingerbread house is displayed, depicting the full National Mall. The tree is decorated with patriotic ribbon and invites guests to write digital messages to loved ones on duty and overseas.

First Lady Melania Trump Reveals Christmas 2018 at the White House
Melania Trump Reveals Elaborate White House Christmas Decorations For 2018: See Gorgeous Pics

The East Room featured a celebration of American architecture, with wooden cityscapes from four cities - New York, Chicago, St. Louis and San Francisco - placed above the room's fireplaces.

The Red Room, decorated to highlight the "Be Best" initiative.

The Grand Foyer and Cross Hall has 29 trees with more than 14,000 red ornaments and plenty of twinkling lights.

The State Dining Room is filled with classic Americana, including the American eagle, the oak tree, and, of course, the American rose.

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