Tito Ortiz crushes Chuck Liddell in first round knockout, video

Tito Ortiz crushes Chuck Liddell in first round knockout, video

Tito Ortiz crushes Chuck Liddell in first round knockout, video

As previously reported, Golden Boy Promotions held an MMA card yesterday featuring Tito Ortiz vs.

Ortiz seemed pretty elated to finally get one over on his longtime foe but all in all, seeing a 43-year-old defeat a 48-year-old was exactly as odd a spectacle as you would expect.

Despite the years of hatred between them which helped fuel a pair of high-profile bouts more than a decade ago, which played a pivotal role in UFC's growth, the two rivals embraced inside the cage after the fight.

Hear everything Chuck Liddell had to say at the Liddell vs Ortiz 3 post-fight press conference.

Ortiz, who had his iconic victory dance of shoveling dirt over his opponent's grave interrupted and stopped by California officials, urged other fighters to join Golden Boy MMA during his post-fight interview.

That's when Ortiz blasted "The lceman" with a right hand to the chin and Liddell's eyes rolled back as he crumbled to the canvas. The main card and the preliminary fights will be shown live on FITE.

For his part, a bruised and defeated Liddell didn't really want to address the future, although it's tough to imagine a scenario where at almost 49-years old he's going to compete again after this fight. You're not taking eight years off and coming back into my cage and stopping me. I was so happy to get inside the ring. You pushed me so hard for all of these years and you made me work hard. I made a mistake.

And he somehow hasn't conceded he should've stayed retired - or that he won't fight again. I don't think it was my best showing for sure.

"We are going to have to sit back and think about [the future]". He has long maintained he and Liddell (21-9) were close friends when the UFC and Liddell made a decision to break the friendship and promote a title fight between them. I don't know, I don't know what I'm going to do.

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