Second Amazon headquarters a tale of two cities

Second Amazon headquarters a tale of two cities

Second Amazon headquarters a tale of two cities

The Washington Post reported last week that Amazon has recently been in discussions with Crystal City, Va., fueling speculation that the company may open one of its coveted second headquarters in that region.

Talks with the Triangle and some other cities had "cooled", according to the report. As the owner of The Washington Post, she said Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos "has to be in D.C. anyway.and even more, I believe Bezos and his leadership need to be in D.C. more often because of the increasing likelihood of government regulation on Amazon".

Amazon Director of Economic Development- Global Public Policy Mike Grella tweeted that whomever leaked word of the Amazon interest in Crystal City, its new home is "not doing Crystal City, VA. any favors". One will be the Crystal City area of Arlington, in Northern Virginia, two people said. "But the arrival of the new headquarters would nearly certainly mean that home prices would spike in Northern Virginia".

By playing more than 20 communities off against each other, gaining massive concessions, and refusing even at this late date apparently to commit to any particular community even as a front-runner, Jeff Bezos and Amazon have shown that no matter which communities win HQ2, the real victor here will be Amazon itself. NY and Arlington will reportedly get Amazon, but they won't get HQ2.

But we won't! Amazon required cities to sign NDAs.

The tempting offer sent cities across the United States, Mexico and Canada into a frenzy.

If it comes to fruition, it'll be a shady move on Amazon's part. The city touted its diverse technical talent, universal health care and welcoming immigration system. He envisions a similar effect on Austin's real estate market.

The need to hire tens of thousands of high-tech workers has been the driving force behind the search, leading many to expect it to land in a major East Coast metropolitan area. Amazon has said it would pick one city since HQ2 was announced more than a year ago.

Amazon is famously secretive, so it's no surprise the company has largely remained mum throughout the HQ2 process.

Take these rumors with a grain of salt until Amazon makes its official announcement. Indianapolis is one of 20 finalists for the project.

Picking multiple sites would allow it to tap into two pools of talented labor and perhaps avoid being blamed for all the housing and traffic woes of dominating a single area.

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