Release Date For Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Support Announced

Release Date For Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Support Announced

Release Date For Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Support Announced

Arguably one of the main drawbacks of console gaming is the inability to use the input method of your choice.

While Mouse & Keyboard support is available on Xbox One, it will be up to the game's developers whether or not to include it in their games.

After announcing native keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One platform in September 2018, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be arriving in Fortnite next week!

Yes, mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One has now officially rolled out as of today.

The first games to support keyboard and mouse usage will be Fortnite and Warframe, starting Wednesday, November 14, with other titles, like Strange Brigade, Bomber Crew, Vermintide 2, War Thunder, and DayZ, following sometime later, as per Hexus.

Razer is now Microsoft's "exclusive" partner for the first Designed for Xbox keyboards and mice, and they will drop at CES 2019 in January. And more titles will come on board in the coming months.

Along with the KBM option, updates to the Xbox Skill for Cortana and Alexa are rolling out. To get started with Alexa, just say, "Alexa, open Xbox". For instance, Cortana will now automatically discover and pair your Xbox, removing the need to log in. Yes, some PC gamers like to use a controller, while some console owners actually prefer a keyboard and mouse. Saying, "Quit [game or app name]" will close your current program and saying "Press" followed by a controller button will allow you to control your console with just your voice.

CORSAIR is working to ensure a great experience on Xbox One and looks forward to collaborating with the Xbox team to deliver even more compatible peripherals in the future. All of these offers require that you are a new user that has never used these services before, so you will only be able to take advantage of one of the Xbox Live Gold offers in addition to the Xbox Game Pass deal.

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