Hyde-Smith defeats Espy in Senate runoff election

Hyde-Smith defeats Espy in Senate runoff election

Hyde-Smith defeats Espy in Senate runoff election

Hyde-Smith defeated Democrat Mike Espy to win Tuesday's runoff.

Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) has won the runoff election for U.S. Senate in Mississippi.

CNN devoted a couple of thousand words to decrying Hyde-Smith's win, highlighting her various gaffes and public embarrassments while completely failing to mention that her opponent received payments from a tyrant accused of multiple murders and the encouragement of rape. The victory will make her the first woman ever elected to Congress from Mississippi. "But here's the nuance: voters that were angry and frustrated by her comments and who theoretically could have moved to Espy were being reminded by the left's independent expenditures here how they - the left - really feel about those potential crossover-voters by actually attacking a lot of their sensibilities with alarming photos of lynching and then attacking her for going to a private white academy - something the parents of a lot of MS children in the '70's did to fight court-ordered integration".

Her victory means Republicans will hold a 53-47 majority in the new US Senate that convenes in January.

U.S. President Donald Trump had said at the Biloxi campaign rally on November 26 that illegal immigrants, such as those participating in the caravans between Mexico and the United States, are unfairly disadvantaging American workers. Hyde-Smith should be asking themselves. Her ongoing scandals gave Democrats legitimate hopes of flipping one more red seat in the deep South. The state last elected a Democrat to the Senate in 1982. Hyde-Smith was already appointed to the Senate by Mississippi's Republican governor, Phil Bryant, after Cochran resigned but faced an election to fill the remainder of his term. Hyde-Smith described her public hanging comments as just a cowgirl referencing western movies. Ultimately, the lack of a more honest apology, and the questions surrounding why Hyde-Smith would make the comment in the first place - especially in light of Mississippi's bleak history of public hangings of black Americans - is deeply troubling. Photos on her Facebook page from 2014 showed her wearing a Confederate soldier's hat during a tour of the Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library. Doug Jones successfully employed last year in Alabama to become the first Democrat elected to the Senate from that state in 25 years.

"This comment was twisted and it was turned into a weapon to be used against me", Hyde-Smith said. "Mississippi history at its best!" she wrote in the post.

Additionally, when Hyde-Smith was in school she attended a whites-only segregated academy, set up by parents to avoid racially integrated schools.

Several businesses, including giant retailer Walmart, had demanded Hyde-Smith return their donations after her public hanging remark.

She said of Hyde-Smith's comments, "My culture and my heritage have come too far to endure that".

The public outcry against her marks was loud and angry and "moved the dial" to Espy, according to political columnist Geoff Pender of the Jackson Clarion-Ledger.

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