CORSAIR Keyboards and Mice to be Compatible with Xbox One

CORSAIR Keyboards and Mice to be Compatible with Xbox One

CORSAIR Keyboards and Mice to be Compatible with Xbox One

The idea of a disc-free Xbox One doesn't come completely out of the blue. It will also allegedly launch alongside an all-new disc to digital program that will allow users to trade-in their physical discs for download codes at select retailers.

Thurrott reports that Microsoft will release an Xbox console that doesn't use discs next year.

Microsoft is also said to be considering whether its 2020 Scarlett family will have a disc drive. Is it worth the lower price to be limited to digital only content?

In addition, the company also has a revised Xbox One S SKU that is targeted for later in the year that focuses exclusively on cost reduction but does feature a disc-drive for those who still prefer the traditional way to buy your games.

Specifically, Thurrott claims that people familiar with Microsoft plans say that the company is planning to release an Xbox console without a disc drive.

For those looking to get a mouse and keyboard hooked up to their Xbox Ones, Microsoft is pushing its partnership with Razer: "We're partnering with Razer to offer gamers a premiere mouse and keyboard experience through an all-new Razer-created "Designed for Xbox" mouse and keyboard".

Earlier this year Microsoft introduced Xbox Game Pass, an affordable digital video game service that gives subscribers access to an ever-increasing library with more than one hundred games.

The report suggests the disc-free version of the system would not replace the existing Xbox One hardware, and it would instead represent "the lowest possible price for the Xbox One S console". As for when Microsoft will greenlight the product for retail distribution, that's still to be determined and even though they could still cancel the device at this time, I do expect it to become available sometime next year.

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