White House corrects transcript to reflect Trump's insult

White House corrects transcript to reflect Trump's insult

White House corrects transcript to reflect Trump's insult

"She's shocked that I picked her", Trump said of the reporter, Cecilia Vega of ABC News. But as she, and many others pointed out, a press conference means reporters get to ask whatever they want.

What I can say is that this president and his team haven't earned the benefit of the doubt - because this wasn't the first instance of the Trump White House making convenient edits to official transcripts. "She's, like, in a state of shock", he added.

Vega responded with "I'm sorry?" before calmly asking him about reports that the White House is limiting the scope of the Federal Bureau of Investigation inquiry into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. "You never do", Mr Trump said.

President Trump on Monday announced his administration's new NAFTA replacement deal - the U.S. -Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA. "Don't do that", he said.

Trump then said, "That's OK".

That comment about "not thinking" set off a firestorm of reactions on Twitter, with many accusing the president of acting disrespectfully to a professional woman. "You never do", Trump shot back.

Vega however went on to ask a question on the on the scope of the FBI investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, which Trump dismissed as irrelevant to the new trade deal that prompted the presser.

No, go ahead. Go ahead.
But a close listen seems to reveal that Trump was just insulting Vega's manners, and not her intellect. It reads, "I know you're not thanking".

Trump ultimately addressed reporters' questions about Kavanaugh's drinking, apparently contradicting Kavanaugh's own testimony before Congress by saying that the candidate had spoken about having issues with drinking in college.

Trump interrupted Jiang as well and when she pointed that fact out, he told her to sit down. "Do you have a question on trade?"

The result: Again, he managed to avoid answering hard questions. "She's, like, in a state of shock", he said, earning laughs from the crowd. "You've had enough. You've really had enough".

"I wouldn't mind that at all", Trump said.

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