Suspicious package mailed to CNN addressed to ex-CIA director John Brennan

Suspicious package mailed to CNN addressed to ex-CIA director John Brennan

Suspicious package mailed to CNN addressed to ex-CIA director John Brennan

CNN President Jeff Zucker emailed NY employees warning the company "out of an abundance of caution" after a suspicious package had reached the mail room. According to the publication, the content is improvised explosive device.

In addition to the suspicious devices sent to Obama and Clinton, a similar device was found at the home of billionaire George Soros.

It is also known that sending the actor was sent to the address where the restaurant is located and the office of his company.

A report in NBC News suggested that the devices included a parody of the Islamic State's black flag.

A package addressed to his Washington office ended up going to the return address - listed as the Florida office of Democrat congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Trump's speech came on the heels of a day full of pleas for civility in America's political discourse as Democrats and progressives across the country found themselves confronting a barrage of crude package bombs aimed squarely at the president's critics and rivals.

Investigators are now working outside Washington, D.C., in NY, in Florida and in Los Angeles - where one of Waters' packages was found - to determine who sent the envelopes and why. They noted the president's recent praise of a GOP congressman who body-slammed a reporter, among other Trump statements.

Trump claimed Wednesday at a rally in Wisconsin that Baldwin is a "radical, far left opponent" who "who wants a socialist takeover of health care".

Similar packages addressed to Clinton and Obama were intercepted on their way to Clinton's NY home where she lives with former President Bill Clinton and to Washington, where Obama lives with his wife, Michelle.

An earlier Federal Bureau of Investigation statement said the other packages consisted of a manila envelope with a bubble-wrap interior containing "potentially destructive devices". We're investing that right now.

An explosive ordnance disposal team destroyed the package sent to Soros through a controlled detonation.

Mr Holder's package had the wrong address and was sent to Ms Wasserman Shultz's office in Florida after the package could not be delivered to his address.

The package had been received in the general mailroom on Wednesday, according to a law enforcement official.

The packages sent to Mr Obama, Mr Brennan, Mrs Clinton, Ms Waters and Mr Holder all contained suspected pipe bombs.

CNN president Jeff Zucker, whose employees were forced to evacuate their NY bureau on Wednesday by the discovery of the pipe bomb, said the White House has a "complete lack of understanding" about "the seriousness of their continued attacks on the media". There's a New York Police bomb squad unit here, also members of the Strategic Response Group.

None of the devices exploded and no one was injured, but the packages, sent to prominent Democrats critical of President Donald Trump, underscored the heightened political tensions and fears two weeks before national midterm elections.

A bomb addressed to former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan was sent to the headquarters of CNN, a media outlet that has been critical of the president.

As the scope of the attack became clearer Wednesday, Trump decried political violence during a scripted event in the White House East Room and other members of the administration said it has no place in American society.

"Have you ever seen this?" Mainstream Media must clean up its act, FAST!'

The White House condemned the bomb scares, and in a strongly-worded statement, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said: "We condemn the attempted violent attacks recently made against President Obama, President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, and other public figures".

The explosive package sent to Mrs Clinton's NY home was discovered at a mail sorting facility, and did not reach the Clintons' home. Brennan responded to Trump's tweet by telling him to stop blaming others and look in the mirror.

Waters, whom the president has denigrated as a "low-IQ individual", reported Wednesday afternoon that she was the target of a suspicious package.

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