Selena Gomez Hospitalized for Emotional Breakdown

Selena Gomez Hospitalized for Emotional Breakdown

Selena Gomez Hospitalized for Emotional Breakdown

Selena Gomez has reportedly been hospitalised twice in the past two weeks after suffering a reported emotional breakdown.

Selena - who underwent a kidney transplant previous year - has been hospitalised twice recently, with the first coming after she became despondent and emotional when she was revealed to have had an "alarmingly low" white blood cell count.

Within days, however, she was readmitted because the low blood cell count continued.

And, the second time was for a reported emotional breakdown because she was overwhelmed by her health issues, combined with her anxiety and depression. The outlet reported (somewhat dramatically) that being forced to re-enter the hospital "threw [her] into a downward emotional spiral" that rapidly progressed into a "meltdown".

As per TMZ, she tried to leave the hospital but doctors said that she couldn't leave in that condition. Currently, Gomez is on the East Coast and receiving dialectical behavior therapy - also known as DBT.

"She realized she needed to seek additional help for her ongoing emotional issues", a source told People. One of Gomez's relatives then drove the "despondent" singer-actress from her home in Studio City, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

The source told E! that after being treated once, Gomez returned to the hospital after still feeling unwell.

She wrote on Instagram: "Taking a social media break". Although she received the "ultimate gift" from Raisa, it wasn't enough to sustain her mental health.

Following news of Selena's hospitalisation, fans have been honouring her online.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Life noted that Selena had previously confessed that she had had a couple of weird months lately. She is a very sensitive person, and her life is full of provocations and stimuli - that's why she took a break in communication in social networks.

"I was diagnosed with lupus, and I've been through chemotherapy", Gomez said. And she goes, 'I don't know what to do. After years of rumours about a substance abuse problem, Gomez also did a brief stint at a rehab clinic - though her publicity team blamed it on exhaustion. "I would make myself have the courage to just keep going".

She said: "Just remember-negative comments can hurt anybody's feelings".

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