Samsung reportedly debating foldable phone form factor and the S10's headphone jack

Samsung reportedly debating foldable phone form factor and the S10's headphone jack

Samsung reportedly debating foldable phone form factor and the S10's headphone jack

In recent years, Samsung has released two Galaxy S models - a standard model and a larger one.

Samsung is also working with Verizon to deliver 5G support in the US models of the new phones, the report says. While there really wasn't any new information to be found in Bloomberg's report, it's always nice to see more confirmation of the details surrounding the hotly anticipated Galaxy S10 and the upcoming new Galaxy F flagship phone with a foldable OLED display.

The standard S10, codenamed "Beyond", features an OLED screen curved on both sides, round-shaped corners and nearly no bezel at the top and bottom, the people said. It will roughly be of the same size as this year 5.8-inch S9 model.

Samsung's flagship smartphones have nearly always been available in multiple color variants, so we're all expecting the same thing to happen with the upcoming Galaxy S10 series.

Samsung is said to be planning Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus models that have curved OLED screens, in-display fingerprint sensors and nearly no bezel at the top or the bottom.

That more affordable version, however, will ditch the curved display and may not have that display-embedded fingerprint scanner.

As for the hinge, the report says it's passed internal testing with more than 200,000 successful folds. The prototype design could be similar to Motorola Razr phone with the screen opening with a snap. Samsung has been one of the few holdouts that has kept the headphone jack on its phones, so here's hoping that it stays in next year's flagships.

Bloomberg reports that the folding display may not be glass but instead be "coated with a film", no news on whether it is touch-responsive or not. Samsung has already confirmed that it is working on that technology. If the accessory makers create these products, then they are doing it with a smartphone design in mind. The screen, when it cracks, shatters like dried paper. The operator was able to launch the first commercial 5G network, it still only works in four USA cities: Houston (TX) Indianapolis (in) Los Angeles and Sacramento (CA). "A foldable would garner bragging rights, but I wouldn't expect it to be an immediate hit". It is likely the Samsung foldable phone will hit the market in the middle of 2019, although since the device has been in development for so long, it's possible we could need to wait even longer than that. The most incredible thing about this leak is that it reveals Samsung is finally ready to raise the RAM limit that its smartphones offer.

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