Red Dead Redemption 2: Things you need to know

Red Dead Redemption 2: Things you need to know

Red Dead Redemption 2: Things you need to know

To get the full discount, you will need to add both Red Dead Redemption 2 and an eligible Xbox One console to your cart. The sheer scope and scale of production is unprecedented; the result of a company maximising creative potential with a seemingly endless budget. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a western that is set in the waning days of the American frontier, shortly before the start of the 20th century.

The journal portion of the app doesn't have much of a functional use in the game, but it is great for players looking to learn a little bit more about Arthur's thoughts when they're away from the game.

Once you have the ledger available, go into it and upgrade Dutch's tent. At the moment you can buy the game on PS4 and Xbox One with a PC release rumoured for 2019.

It's just 15.79MB in size, and you can download the Red Dead 2 PS4 theme (dynamic) in this download link that will bring you to the PlayStation Store.

What does that mean for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Xbox One X. Many retailers, including GameStop are offering a $100 discount on the price of Xbox One X with combination to the price of Red Dead Redemption 2. For now, believe it or not, Red Dead Redemption somewhat entitles Rockstar Games as the best Open World video game developer out there. Knowing how the game works is half the battle and the rest is how to play. The app will even let you purchase items for in-game use through the app, and update the contents of Arthur's wallet accordingly.

The frame-rate for Red Dead 2 also stands out on Xbox One, with a locked 30 FPS that outpaces the occasional dropped frames in busy areas like towns.

The fine folk over at Rockstar are known for giving their games a high degree of freedom when it comes to approaching various tasks, and it looks like Red Dead Redemption 2 is no exception to the rule. Yes, it will give you that nostalgic feeling when playing. As its sequel looms on the horizon, I replayed Red Dead Redemption.

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