Halloween Slashes Competition with $77.5 Million Debut

Halloween Slashes Competition with $77.5 Million Debut

Halloween Slashes Competition with $77.5 Million Debut

Without another big horror movie getting a wide release before Halloween, I wouldn't be surprised if Halloween sticks at the top next weekend as well. Of course, last week Box Office Pro and others overshot the expectation with the call that Halloween would gross $80 million, basically tying with Venom's attendance record of 9.1 million people.

Not to mention that it was the most profitable "Halloween" opening among the franchise's 11 entries, and the second-highest debut for any film (in any genre) released in October. The film has now brought in $10.6 million at the domestic box office.

It captured first place at the box office with the second-highest horror opening of all time, behind last year's "It". She also points out that Halloween set a new franchise record for how much money it made on its first weekend.

In addition to bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis to reprise her career-defining role, and leaning heavily on original Halloween director John Carpenter for creative input, director David Gordon Green says capturing vibe of the original 1978 film even led to some fun, off-the-cuff moments for Curtis, who offered up her vocal talents to heighten the drama in an early scene.

Curtis shared the news in a tweet, writing that she's "going for one BOAST post". In fact, until this weekend, Jamie Lee Curtis' biggest opening weekend was $29 million for Beverly Hills Chihuahua. "Audiences are responding to movies big and small right now - You can have your cinematic fast food and fine dining all at once right now". Those who rushed out for that frontloaded Friday were mostly satisfied, though its "B+' grade via CinemaScore polling puts its reception on par with that of Halloween: Resurrection". The weekend was up almost 72 percent from the same weekend last October and the year to date is up almost 11 percent.

Meanwhile "A Star Is Born" held on to second place in its third weekend with $19.3 million.

"Honestly, if you boiled down how many days I have been employed as an actor, compared to how many days I've been unemployed as an actor, it would shock you".

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