Halloween: Jamie Lee Curtis reboot breaks U.S. box office record

Halloween: Jamie Lee Curtis reboot breaks U.S. box office record

Halloween: Jamie Lee Curtis reboot breaks U.S. box office record

Internationally, Halloween brought in an estimated $14.3 million from 23 markets, with Mexico leading the way with a chart-topping $4.9 million opening followed by the U.K. & Ireland ($3.6m), Russian Federation ($1.79m) and Indonesia ($1.09m). Every picture of me I look stunned, terrified.

"I'm breaking the cycle that has basically destroyed the lives of generations in my family".

As Variety reports, after just one weekend the film is already the highest-grossing film in the "Halloween" franchise, easily topping the $26 million earned by the 2007 reboot.

Recalling the film, she shared that when the anniversary was looming near, she contacted the film's original director, John Carpenter and its late producer Debra Hill, about doing an anniversary to celebrate the fact they're still "doing the job".

"I've tried to make that a part of my own personal platform of integrity and transparency".

He continues: "They couldn't afford the rights to a song for the movie, so John and Jamie freestyled a song: 'I wish I had you all alone".

But whether this represented a sea-change for movie-going was another question. "No one knew. No one". The latter is super, incredibly exciting, but I have to suspect that there aren't very many of them: a report from the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film a year ago showed that women 50 and older comprised of 13% of movie roles, and sole female protagonists only appeared in 35% of studio features.

It's worth noting that 2018's Halloween, directed by indie auteur David Gordon Green for Blumhouse Films, and co-written by comedian Danny McBride, has thrown out the seven existing sequels and two remakes that followed Carpenter's original.

For Laurie Strode, it's been a long road back to Haddonfield.

Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strode in the movie. Between those three flicks, the Halloween costumes buy themselves. "The abuse and oppression and violence, be it sexual violence, workplace manipulation, physical violence [or] oppression, we have suffered it forever". Critics and audiences despised the movie at the time.

Horror movies have always been popular. "That's when romances and rom-coms do really well".

Like I said, when a studio gets a good horror movie in its roster, there's no stopping it.

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