Derrick Lewis gave an epic post-match interview at UFC 229

Derrick Lewis gave an epic post-match interview at UFC 229

Derrick Lewis gave an epic post-match interview at UFC 229

UFC 229′s co-main event lived up to the billing with Tony Ferguson and Anthony Pettis producing an instant classic, notwithstanding an anticlimactic finish. Roufus clearly not happy with the idea of Pettis continuing and waves off the fight, handing Ferguson the TKO victory at 5.00mins of the second round. Herzog wants to get the cut on Pettis' head checked out, but we're good to go.

He followed up by taking off his shorts in the ring and delivering one of the best post-fight interviews the UFC has ever seen.

"Where's McNuggets at you fucking piece of shit!" This is the showdown between two former champions!

Anthony Pettis was the UFC lightweight champ for a spell, and though he's since fallen down the ladder a bit, he's remained an elite - and highly creative - striker. They came flying at each other to begin Round 2 and Pettis cracked Ferguson with a crunching right hand, which hurt Ferguson badly.

Ferguson tries spinning back elbow but again great punch by Pettis!

I need you to listen like you've never listened before buddy. Ferguson is down and Pettis swarms, forcing "El Cucuy" into a commando roll to safety. Pettis is bleeding as well. Ladd got Evinger on the ground, gained control in back mount and then rained down dozens of big shots until the referee stopped it with 94 seconds left in the first.

Tony Ferguson took on Kevin Lee in his last fight and actually defeated him with a Triangle Choke.

Pettis stands, they're back to their feet and time is called. Ferguson attacked with a body kick, and a great spinning back elbow by Pettis, he misses, unfortunately. Right punch Pettis. More pressure from Ferguson who keeps his hands low. The Fight Is Over, Coach Won't Let Him Continue!

On the same night, Conor McGregor tapped out to Khabib Nurmagomedov in the main event as the Russian retained his Lightweight title.

Ferguson is in tears in the center of the cage.

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