China's First Privately Launched Rocket Fails Mid-Way

China's First Privately Launched Rocket Fails Mid-Way

China's First Privately Launched Rocket Fails Mid-Way

Video posted by a Chinese news site showed Landspace's 19-meter- (62-foot-) tall red-and-white rocket lifting off against clear blue skies.

The failed attempt took place over the past weekend, on 27th October to be precise, with the third stage of the launch not triggering according to plan, but no mention has been made as to why the failure occurred. We are the first Chinese private company to build a three-stage carrier rocket. The spacecraft was carrying a satellite named "Future" built for state media China Central Television. "Through the whole flight of Zhuque 1, our team has obtained a great deal of experience which will contribute to the further research and development of Zhuque 1 and Zhuque 2", LandSpace's CEO Zhang Changwu said in an interview on CCTV.

The company said that "cowling separation was normal, but something abnormal happened after the second stage".

According to the publication, the company said that despite the setback, the creation of boosters is the correct corporate strategy. The craft that would have been the first private Chinese rocket capable of carrying a satellite was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gobi desert, and while the rocket successfully raised off, it failed to reach orbit. We will carry on with our dream for the vast space'.

As such it should be interesting to see if the likes of LandSpace or perhaps OneSpace can be among China's first private space firms to rival that of SpaceX.

Landspace was founded in 2015 and soon aimed to be the first Chinese private company to deliver a satellite into orbit.

President Xi Jinping said China is planning to become a space flight superpower with a manned space station in orbit by 2022.

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