2018 iPad Pro Refresh’s Major Design Overhauls Highlighted In Report

2018 iPad Pro Refresh’s Major Design Overhauls Highlighted In Report

2018 iPad Pro Refresh’s Major Design Overhauls Highlighted In Report

With smaller bezels, Apple is ditching its iconic home button with Touch ID, and replacing the technology with its facial recognition platform, Face ID. Similar to what Apple did with the iPhone X last year and the Apple Watch Series 4 this year, the 2018 iPad Pro lineup is going to get a radical upgrade. The publication's "people familiar with the plans" report that Apple will use LCD panels for the upcoming iPads, include a USB-C port and a True Depth camera setup, implement a stricter aesthetic approach (sharper corners) and launch the second generation Apple Pencil. But while that event is believed to center largely around new iPad Pro tablets, it will hardly be the only one.

Apple's flagship tablet has always been considered as the best digital slate on the market and this latest update may cement its place as the number one.

As a comparison, the current 2nd iPad Pro runs on an Apple A10X Fusion hexa-core chip with 4GB of RAM.

Thanks to leaks and various analysts reports, we already know what to expect from Apple's "There's More in the Making" event later this month Below is a quick roundup of what Apple is expected to unveil at the event.

Apple October 30 launch event: Apple is set to host an event in NY on October 30. Well, maybe not, after all - though we think the new MacBook Air will keep the relatively affordable price, as that's one of the reasons it keeps selling. The new MacBook Air will come with improved internals and also design and software.

Face ID will enable Animojis (and the personalised variety known as Memojis) on iPads for the first time.

As for the desktops, it would make the most sense if there was one new 21-inch iMac, a new 27-inch iMac, and a Mac Mini. Since then though, we haven't heard much about the charging pad, with rumours circulating that Apple's engineers have experienced significant manufacturing difficulties related to heat management and connectivity.

The beauty of the Mac Mini is of course the way it can be used with any screen, keyboard and mouse (you can even pick it up and take it from room to room, or from the house to the office, if you want).

Apple is also expected to announce a Mac Mini that's built with pro users in mind.

Apple was widely expected to finally put the AirPower on sale after its September iPhone event. The company is set to launch the new Mac computers and iPad tablets on October 30 in Brooklyn, New York.

Integrated "Hey Siri" functionality is also rumoured to be coming to the AirPods 2.

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