South Africa’s murder rate up nearly 7 percent, police say

South Africa’s murder rate up nearly 7 percent, police say

South Africa’s murder rate up nearly 7 percent, police say

Police have released crime statistics showing 20,336 people were murdered in South Africa between April 2017 and March, compared to 19,016 in the previous year.

"The figures that always scare me are murder figures", Cele continued.

I can say the South African Police Service dropped the ball, his situation must be arrested and reversed with lightning speed. Philippi East in the Western Cape had 205 murders.

KwaZulu-Natal is the most unsafe province for women and children, as 20 per cent of the murders occurred within KZN borders.

In 2016-2017, the number of rapes that were reported to the police was 39 828, but for 2017-2018 this figure rose to 40 035. The number of reported sexual offence cases against children also decreased.

The murder of women increased by 11 per cent with 2 930 murders compared to 2 639 in 2016/2017.

The committee yesterday received the annual crime statistics and there is a marked upward trajectory in the murder rate. "It borders close to a war zone - when there is peace and no war in SA". It is high time that the Saps management urgently implement the National Development Plan recommendation on the National Police Board, as well as re-introduce specialised units trained to deal with specific crime.

During Tuesday's briefing, Sekhukhune said that most incidents of cash-in-transit crimes occured between 8am and midday on Mondays and Saturdays in business areas, spaza shops and malls.

Cele went on to a question-and-answer session after the figures were presented. "The fact that the ANC spends an average of R9.1million to protect one VIP but only R1500 per South African resident reveals that their skewed priorities are crippling the fight against the unacceptably high levels of crime in the county".

"Our emphasis should be on what should be done and not on the crime stats", said Cele.

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