Sexual Assault Survivors Confront Pro-Kavanaugh Senator In An Elevator

Sexual Assault Survivors Confront Pro-Kavanaugh Senator In An Elevator

Sexual Assault Survivors Confront Pro-Kavanaugh Senator In An Elevator

"I was demanding a connection, demanding that he look at us, demanding that he give us real answers", she said.

Democrats had repeatedly called for an Federal Bureau of Investigation probe, but Republicans had dismissed it as unnecessary and said Democrats were just looking for ways to delay the confirmation until after the midterm elections.

Since then, President Donald Trump has ordered the FBI to conduct a supplemental investigation to "update Judge Kavanaugh's file". "The White House has been very actively engaging the Senate", he said.

Following Flake's announcement, both Murkowski and Sen.

"The American people have been pulled apart by this entire spectacle, and we need to take time to address these claims independently so that our country can have confidence in the outcome of this vote", Manchin said in a statement.

The fact Ms. Keyser says she didn't know Mr. Kavanaugh in those days is another set back for Ms. Ford. Wright said Thomas also asked about breast size and showed up at her apartment uninvited. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), a frequent Trump critic, called for a renewed inquiry into Ford's allegation. Katz added that Ford "no artificial limits as to time or scope should be imposed on this investigation".

"I've done everything they have requested and will continue to cooperate", he said. Jeff Flake was hesitant to vote "yes" on his confirmation.

"They have to do what they think is right", Trump said.

Flake told The Atlantic that he was moved by an impassioned plea by Sen. Chris Coons of DE, and crafted a plan to force the hands of McConnell and President Trump.

"After hearing more than 30 hours of testimony from Judge Kavanaugh earlier this month, I was prepared to support his nomination based on his view of the law and his record as a judge", Flake said in a release Friday.

"I will be voting no on Judge Kavanaugh's nomination".

The stunning development presented yet another hurdle for Kavanaugh, whose confirmation was all but assured until allegations from Ford and two other women emerged.

The FBI has not commented on the President's order, but a background investigation for a presidential appointee, like Kavanaugh, would also likely have a layer of oversight from the highest levels of the FBI's headquarters in Washington, and senior agents could be brought in to bolster the background investigation squad for the most sensitive interviews, former agents said. "They are just compiling the investigation and reporting on it".

Earlier Friday, Raj Shah, the White House principal deputy press secretary, told the PBS NewsHour that the White House was doing all it could to push for Kavanaugh to be confirmed.

The allegations against the Supreme Court nominee were put on display on Thursday in riveting testimony before the Senate committee when Christine Blasey Ford told her side of events that occurred decades ago and Kavanaugh delivered a defiant rebuttal.

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