Ronan Farrow's Ex-Producer Says NBC News Blocked Weinstein Exposé

Ronan Farrow's Ex-Producer Says NBC News Blocked Weinstein Exposé

Ronan Farrow's Ex-Producer Says NBC News Blocked Weinstein Exposé

McHugh said previous year he and Farrow were set to interview one of Weinstein's accusers but were told not to-and to drop the story.

"Three days outdated to Ronan and I were going to head to Los Angeles to interview a girl with a credible rape allegation against Harvey Weinstein, I turned into ordered to total, now to now not interview this girl", McHugh advised the Times.

In a statement to CNN and The New York Times, McHugh said the decision to not run Farrow's explosive report came from "the highest levels of NBC".

But that's exactly what happened at NBC News, where Farrow started his work on it.

An NBC News spokesperson said in a statement that "the assertion that NBC News tried to kill the Weinstein story while Ronan Farrow was at NBC News, or even more ludicrously, after he left NBC News, is an outright lie".

The Daily Beast reported Thursday that new details from people familiar with the conversation revealed that NBC counsel Susan Weiner made "several" calls to Farrow in attempts to get him to quash his reporting.

The Daily Beast claimed, while citing unnamed sources, that the NBC News general counsel Susan Weiner had made multiple calls to Farrow with threats that Farrow's reputation would be at stake if he chose to continue the investigation.

McHugh said that when he and Farrow were headed to Los Angeles to tape an interview with a victim of Weinstein, he was told by executives to cancel the trip.

Farrow ultimately left NBC because of its continued reluctance to air the story.

NBC News president Noah Oppenheim also spoke with the Times, and denied McHugh's account.

When it was released, people in the media and entertainment industries wondered how NBC News had missed the story, since Farrow had spent months gathering material on the disgraced mogul while Farrow was with the network. The story was so massive, so widely read, that it's impossible to imagine that any news network wouldn't want to run it. NBC denied the reports. Right now it's the word of Farrow and his producing partner, Rich McHugh, versus NBC executives.

McHugh said that, despite mounting evidence, "I think it's fair to say that there was a point in our reporting where I felt there were obstacles to us reporting this externally, and there were obstacles to us reporting this internally".

Farrow did not respond to a request for comment. NBC has pushed back hard against McHugh's claims, while Farrow has offered only praise for the producer. Ingraham asked. "Do you this producer is blowing smoke here?"

"The problem was, we didn't have a credible accuser on the record, on camera", Mr. Greenberg said.

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