Lindsey Graham faults Jeff Sessions for "zero-tolerance" policy

Lindsey Graham faults Jeff Sessions for

Lindsey Graham faults Jeff Sessions for "zero-tolerance" policy

He believes Sessions "is preventing Trump from making a serious political mistake by trying to fire Mueller" rather than letting the special counsel investigation run its course.

In his interview with Dickerson, Graham said the problems between the president and Sessions "go well beyond" Sessions' recusal from special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe, and the president "needs a Cabinet he's confident in".

Trump isn't the only Republican who's unhappy with Sessions, who obviously should have told the president before he was hired that he was planning to recuse himself from the Russian collusion investigation.

"I'll see what happens", Trump told Bloomberg.

Trump mentioned the prospect of firing Sessions during a phone call with Graham last week. "I view it as an illegal investigation [because] great scholars [have said] there should never have been a special counsel".

Just last week, the president said Sessions never took control of the Justice Department.

The president also said that the only reason he named Sessions attorney general was the former Alabama senator's early support in the 2016 presidential election.

In the motion Thursday, Trump attorney Alan S. Futerfas argued that former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman "made it his stated mission to "lead the resistance" and attack Mr. Trump whenever possible" and "used his public antipathy for Mr. Trump to solicit donations for his own re-election campaign and advance his career interests and aspirations". "It's about the investigation, and I think the Mueller investigation ought to go on unimpeded".

The procedural fallout would also be a disaster, with Democrats potentially all but shutting down the chamber, and even fellow Republicans saying they won't help confirm a new attorney general.

Trump has belittled Sessions in conversations with Republican senators in the past week, Politico reported. Wallace added that Trump can only blame himself for Mueller's appointment because the special counsel was named as a result of Trump firing FBI Director James Comey. And the idea of firing the attorney general no longer sparks the anxiety it previously did.

Yoo asked if Trump were to fire Sessions, who could he possibly appoint and confirm in the meantime? "This relationship is beyond fix, I specialize in", Graham stated Tuesday.

Graham also said he would offer Trump some advice: Act more like McCain.

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