Lindsay Lohan Punched By "Syrian Refugee" For Child Trafficking Accusations

Lindsay Lohan Punched By

Lindsay Lohan Punched By "Syrian Refugee" For Child Trafficking Accusations

'What is happening... lindsay lohan tried to kidnap two refugee children because she thought the mom was trafficking her children she then was punched by the mother wow...,' someone else wrote.

After tailing the family for a bit and trying to take the children, you see the mother snap and attack Lindsay, socking her in the face.

She scolds them and claims that they are "ruining Arab culture".

Speaking to the family in a mix of Arabic and English with an Arabic accent, she confronts the family, who appear to be homeless, saying "tell me your story". I will stay with you, don't worry. She offers them a hotel room, suggesting that the boys could watch movies on a TV or computer. "Now I know who you are, don't f- with me". The group then heads in the opposite direction of her vehicle and Lohan cries out, "Look what's happening".

The Instagram live video sees Ms Lohan approach an apparently homeless family who she identifies as "Syrian refugees" that she is "really anxious about".

The video appears legitimate, but since it was recorded onto Instagram Live, it no longer remains on Lohan's page. When she catches up to them and tries to assert whatever authority she believes she is entitled to, a veiled elderly lady turns around and socks her in the face. I won't leave until I take you.

Lohan was reportedly in Moscow while filming the family, though recent geotags imply that she's in Paris, according to social media.

"They're trafficking children... I won't leave until I take you", she tells the children. "I'm with you boys, don't worry, the whole world is seeing this right now". I will buy you a hotel room, I'll give you cash for a hotel.

"You want to come with me?" A good person. I don't have any bad intentions. She maintains that she was trying to help though her tears, before adding, "I'm just, like, so scared".

Towards the end of the 10-minute video, the fraught interaction becomes physical as Ms Lohan is seemingly pushed to the floor by the mother.

When the family realized Lohan wasn't going to back down, they got up and started walking.

Twitter wasn't entirely sure what to make of these insane events that transpired on Lohan's Instagram Live video. "Is she kidnapping them?" posted one user. Another asked, "Did Lindsay Lohan tried [sic] to take away these kids from their parents?"

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