Japanese carmaker Nissan cashes in on Naomi Osaka's US Open tennis victory

Japanese carmaker Nissan cashes in on Naomi Osaka's US Open tennis victory

Japanese carmaker Nissan cashes in on Naomi Osaka's US Open tennis victory

An Australian newspaper defended its cartoonist on Tuesday after publishing a caricature of Serena Williams having a temper tantrum at the U.S. Open tennis tournament, which civil rights leaders, celebrities and fans condemned as racist.

It was at the point she called him a "thief" that Ramos penalised Williams for verbal abuse, and docked her a game.

According to Australian newspaper The Herald Sun and its cartoonist, Mark Knight, a cartoon of Serena Williams that echoes the harmful caricatures of black men and women once drawn in a shameful part of USA history isn't racist.

It was business as usual until the second set when, per CBS Sports, "Williams was given a warning from Ramos after the umpire determined her coach was attempting to instruct her using hand signals, which results in code violation".

"She said that she was proud of me and that I should know that the crowd wasn't booing at me", Osaka told DeGeneres.

Williams, who was fined $17,000 for the three code violations, said after the match male players were held to a lower standard for court conduct. The cartoon about Serena's about her poor behavior on that day, not about race.

The cartoon took away from the original scandal that erupted around Williams' behaviour during the most recent US Open women's final. In the midst of losing Saturday's final, the 23-time Grand Slam champion smashed her racquet and called the umpire a "thief" and a "liar".

World No. 25 Barbora Strycova has now said the blowup was motivated purely by Williams' desperate situation as she could see the match slipping away.

Cartoonist Mark Knight's controversial drawing showed Serena Williams stomping on her tennis racket with a pacifier close to her feet.

"I've always thought Kei (Nishikori) was a super good role model and hopefully I can be that too", she said. I think for me, I just really want to have fun with every match that I play because tennis is a game.

During the altercation and again after the match, Williams suggested that sexism was part of the reason why she was punished so severely, although Strycova told Czech website Sport.cz that she doesn't agree. "I'm all about gender equality and I think when you look at that situation these are conversations that will be imposed in the next weeks".

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