Graham rips Dems for turning Kavanaugh hearing into 'unethical sham'

"Based on the numerous allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, including these new criminal allegations by Julie Swetnick, the House Judiciary Committee must immediately start an investigation into Judge Kavanaugh to see if he should be impeached", Lieu wrote on Twitter Wednesday. "I'm here today to tell the truth".

But with televisions across the nation tuned in to the hearing - senators among those riveted to their screens - it was unclear how politicians who will ultimately decide Mr Kavanaugh's fate will assess Ms Ford's credibility.

Both Kavanaugh and Ford testified under sworn oath.

The woman who filed the complaint told of an evening in 1998 where her daughter and several friends were out at a bar socializing with Kavanaugh.

But many felt the proceeding took a turn once Kavanaugh appeared.

Chuck Grassley has served as one of Iowa's senators since 1981. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) - had arrived on time, itself a rarity for a Senate hearing.

An analysis of social media sentiment conducted by the Ipsos polling firm using an artificial intelligence prototype found that positive sentiment directed toward Ford increased each time she spoke, said pollster Chris Jackson.

In a passionate defense, the 53-year-old conservative judge insisted before the Senate Judiciary Committee that it never happened, accused Democrats of destroying his reputation and condemned his confirmation battle as a "national disgrace" and a "circus".

Gone were the dozens of shuttering cameras that would normally snap photos of high-profile witnesses, or the stream of interested passersby who would hop in and out of a hearing.

Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge, she said, had locked her in a bedroom before Kavanaugh "got on top" of her. He did not ask questions of either Ford or Kavanaugh during the hearing. In one typically astonishing point, after Senator Amy Klobuchar asked a very pertinent question about whether Kavanaugh has ever blacked out while drinking, the SCOTUS nominee turned the tables and asked her if she had.

During her opening remarks on Thursday, Ford said she was "terrified" to be there but felt it was her "civic duty". "Legal funding isn't a worthwhile line of questioning".

Ford told the Senate on Thursday that she still does not know who leaked the letter, indicating that she did not give approval for Feinstein or Eshoo to release it.

Ms Ford replied: "The same way I'm talking to you right now".

The sensitive atmosphere of the room changed sharply nearly immediately when Kavanaugh sat down at the witness table.

"Mark Judge should be subpoenaed". Dick Durbin, D-Ill., that her certainty was "100 percent".

"A confirmation hearing about the character and fitness of an individual who's is going to sit on the country's highest court, presumably for the rest of his life, the confirmation process involves going back and looking at the entirety of the nominee's life", Hill said.

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