"Fortnite" Season 6 Welcomes In Halloween With "Darkness Rises" Title & Theme

"Fortnite" Season 6 Welcomes In Halloween With "Darkness Rises" Title & Theme

Fortnite players noticed something unusual about the new Calamity skin in the season six update: Her breasts have an undeniable jiggle when she performs the "Jubilation" emote.

One notable change which isn't easily visible on the map is the addition of 2 houses in Wailing Woods. This change not only provides more cover, but the floating island actually adds some verticality to the gameplay.

We'll update this post as the map becomes available in-game, stay tuned!

This castle can be found above Haunted Hills area.

Our Fortnite Season 6 wiki down below contains guides, tips, tricks, and other general information on everything you need to know about the current season. Introducing a variety of new locations, skins, cosmetic items, and mechanics this is shaping up to be the biggest season yet.

These are the most noticeable map differences, but Epic has made a few smaller changes that have been discovered by fans. Shadow Form also grants increased movement speed, jump height and immunity to fall damage, as well as the ability to "Phase" through objects in any direction using the primary fire button. You can't use your weapons when you are invisible, though, which only works when you are stationary.

When asked how something this seemingly elaborate gets unintentionally programmed into a massive update for the most popular game in the world, the spokesperson did not elaborate further.

The sixth Season of Fortnite has officially arrived and it's a horror junkies dream come true. There's Bonesy, a dog; Scales, a teeny tiny dragon; and Camo, a cute chameleon who happens to be my personal favorite. And when you are moving, you will simply leave a shadow trail behind as you move.

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