Former President Barack Obama to preview midterm campaign message in Illinois speech

Former President Barack Obama to preview midterm campaign message in Illinois speech

Former President Barack Obama to preview midterm campaign message in Illinois speech

In a speech at the University of IL at Urbana-Champaign, Mr Obama said Americans were living in "dangerous times", urging Democrats to vote in November midterm elections to restore "honesty and decency and lawfulness" to government.

Even as he has largely remained out of the spotlight, Obama made clear he's paid close attention to the steady stream of headlines chronicling the Trump administration and said the news is a reminder of what's at stake in the November midterm elections.

"I'm here today because this is one of those pivotal moments when every one of us, as citizens of the United States, need to determine just who it is that we are, just what it is that we stand for", Obama said on Friday, kicking off his campaign schedule for the mid-term elections in November.

According to a report on the reemergence of former President Barack Obama into the public square after giving a scathing speech attacking Donald Trump, White House insiders are anxious that Trump will now become obsessed with going after the former president.

The speech comes ahead of his first midterm campaign events, beginning Saturday, in the political battleground of Orange County, Calif., where he will stump for several Democratic House candidates.

Following his California visit, Obama will travel to OH next Thursday for an event for Richard Cordray, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in OH, and he is also slated to headline a campaign event in Pennsylvania later this month, and a NY fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, an organization led by former Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama's longtime friend.

Mr. Obama's campaign activity will continue through October and will include fundraising appearances, according to an Obama adviser.

Obama was referring to Trump's failure to quickly and directly condemn neo-Nazis who marched previous year in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Obama, who bar a handful of public appearances and an exclusive content deal with Netflix has been relatively quiet since leaving the Oval Office, accused Trump of "capitalizing on resentments that politicians have been fanning for years", during a speech at the University of IL on Friday.

Obama was editing his first public speech of the 2018 midterms on the plane, an aide to the former president tells CNN, scribbling notes and crossing out lines on a printed copy.

"Obama is a great messenger to get them to vote for Democrats", Pfeiffer said.

The former President launched a blistering attack on his successor.


"That is not a check", Obama said.

After his vitriolic condemnation of Trump, Obama offered a solution: Vote Democrat.

Obama, accusing Trump of "capitalizing" on "fear and anger" asked "What happened to the Republican Party?".

Obama delivered a speech Friday at the University of IL that included several broadsides at Trump while rarely mentioning his name.

Obama name-checked Trump, saying he is the "symptom, not the cause" of people being fearful of change, and added that in order to change the political climate, Americans need to vote.

Following a fiery appearance in his home state of IL, former President Barack Obama brought a softer tone Saturday to Orange County, California - a traditional GOP stronghold.

Democrats, hoping to build on their 39-14 advantage in the state's congressional delegation, are eyeing Republican seats in districts that Clinton won in 2016.

Responding to Obama's address, Trump said he had fallen asleep listening to it. "I've found he's very good, very good for sleeping", Trump said. Obama was "a lot lower key than yesterday's speech".

Bongino stated his opinion bluntly: "Barack Obama was one of the most divisive presidents in American history".

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