Elon Musk smokes weed on California comedian's show

Elon Musk smokes weed on California comedian's show

Elon Musk smokes weed on California comedian's show

Days after Elon Musk made headlines for repeating unsubstantiated allegations that a British diver involved in the Thailand cave rescue is a pedophile, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX provoked more investor uncertainty when he appeared to smoke a blunt on-air during a podcast.

Musk admitted on "The Joe Rogan Experience" that running a company like Tesla is intense and tricky, saying, "It's very hard to keep a vehicle company alive". Rogan asked Musk, as he offered him the joint. Rogan said. "I mean it's legal, right?" said Musk before taking a drag. During the two-and-a-half-hour-long live feed, the two discussed a number of topics ranging from Musk's ideas for an electric plane and artificial intelligence to his history of questionable tweeting habits.

Tesla's head of human resources, Gabrielle Toledano, who is now on a leave of absence, told Bloomberg News Friday morning that she would not return to Tesla.

His departure came as Tesla faces the prospect of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into Musk's aborted plan.

Musk suggested in an interview with The New York Times last month that he was no fan of marijuana, arguing that it kills productivity.

The markets did not take well to the appearance, with shares in Tesla Inc falling on Friday morning.

Bloomberg also reported Tesla's Chief People Officer Gaby Toledano would not return from a holiday just over a year after joining.

Musk goes on to say that alcohol's really a drug too, but that it's been grandfathered in, which leads Rogan to extol the virtues of alcohol in moderation.

Speaking of the what lies ahead, Musk said being forever constrained to Earth "would not be a good future". When Rogan asked Musk if he had tried cannabis before, Musk stated that he thinks he "tried one once".

"I think the future in where we are a space-faring civilization out there among the stars, that is very exciting", Musk said.

After rising as high as $387, shares of Tesla have now fallen 32% to $261.

The stock for Tesla, where Musk is CEO, took a dive Friday following the news of Musk's public use of marijuana making the rounds, along with other bad news for Tesla. Musk has said he stands by his initial tweet about the company going private.

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