Elon Musk Smoked A Blunt On Joe Rogan's Podcast

Elon Musk Smoked A Blunt On Joe Rogan's Podcast

Elon Musk Smoked A Blunt On Joe Rogan's Podcast

Tesla's stock traded about 5% lower in premarket action on Friday, with news that Chief Accounting Officer Dave Morton had resigned, among the factors weighing on shares.

The company's HR chief, Gaby Toledano, is also leaving the company , Bloomberg reported Friday.

The interview was taped in California, where marijuana is legal.

A Tesla spokesperson wasn't immediately available to comment.

Morton, a former chief financial officer for computer-drive maker Seagate Technology Plc, joined Tesla one day before Musk tweeted that he was considering buying out some investors at $420 a share and taking the company private. That's according to Elon Musk at least.

Musk's Twitter followers went into a frenzy following the podcast, with user @jkmcnk writing:"Elon getting high on weed and whiskey is the first reason to go long on $TSLA in a while".

Philippe Houchois, an analyst at Jefferies Group with a hold rating on Tesla shares, said that Musk "seems to be on a slightly self-destructive bent".

The chief executive was appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience.

In July he shocked investors by announcing on Twitter that he had funding secured to take his auto firm Tesla private.

"Assuming that the South African-born businessman would not accept, the podcast host asked: "'You probably can't do this because of stockholders, right?"

One of Wall Street's prominent short sellers, Andrew Left, has filed a class-action lawsuit, accusing electric auto maker Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk of trying to "burn" investors with "objectively false tweets".

"I'm not a regular smoker of weed", Musk said on the podcast, which is streamed live. "Actually, they're pretty good at science in China, I have to say", Musk said, adding, "The mayor of Beijing has, I believe, an environmental engineering degree, and the deputy mayor has a physics degree".

It's unusual for a CEO of a public company to smoke weed on camera, but this is just the latest instance of atypical behavior from Musk.

Musk's fears on the subject of AI are well documented, but he told Rogan that he worries about it less these days because he has adopted a "fatalistic attitude".

Shareholders have sued Tesla, claiming that Musk's tweet constituted illegal market manipulation.

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